How the CashtoCode eVoucher works

Online payments have become more advanced over the years, and it is now possible for people to perform transactions, purchase items, or pay for services without spending cash. CashtoCode eVoucher is a payment method that is set to change the way people pay online. And the good thing is that it is easy, fast, and safe to use. Want to learn how the CashtoCode eVoucher works? Keep reading to find out!

What is CashtoCode eVoucher?

CashtoCode eVoucher is an electronic voucher with a 20-digit code that lets you make secure and fast payments. You won’t need to enter your personal or bank account details before using the voucher, and you can spend up to the amount on the card. 

This means you can rest assured that your private information won’t be leaked when making payments online. Even better, the CashtoCode eVoucher offers you more control over your spending since it comes with preloaded amounts.

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You can think of the voucher as a prepaid card, and there are different denominations available to buy at our accredited stores. With the CashtoCode eVoucher, you can pay online at thousands of partner websites. And to make things even better, processing transactions via this option is instant and fee-free. So whether you want to fund your online casino account or pay for goods or services, eVoucher by CashtoCode is the best option to use.

How Does the CashtoCode eVoucher Work?

If you are wondering how the CashtoCode eVoucher works, you’ll be happy to know that the process is straightforward. Generally, three main steps are involved in using this secure payment option, and we will explain them below.

Time needed: 3 minutes

  1. Buy a CashtoCode eVoucher

    The first step to using this payment option is to buy a CashtoCode eVoucher. These electronic vouchers come in different denominations and are available in several currencies. Depending on your desired amount, you can buy the right eVoucher by CashtoCode that works for you.
    To buy a CashtoCode Voucher, visit one of our authorised resellers and follow their instructions. Once you’ve completed the voucher purchase, you should receive a 20-digit code and other details.

  2. Make Payment

    After purchasing a CashtoCode eVoucher, the next step is to visit the merchant site where you want to make payment. If you want to use the option at online casinos, you will be happy to know that several top-rated gambling sites accept it. 
    Once on the merchant site, choose CashtoCode eVoucher as your preferred payment method. You can then enter the 20-digit PIN on your voucher and authorise the payment. The transaction will be approved instantly and deducted from your CashtoCode balance.

  3. Complete the Payment

    With the transaction approved, you will receive the goods or services you paid for if you choose a trusted merchant. And if you use the option for online casino deposits, the money should appear in your casino balance to use for real money gaming.

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Advantages of CashtoCode eVouchers

We’ve discussed how eVouchers by CashtoCode work and how to use them for online payments. Now, let’s highlight the benefits of using this option.

Safe Transactions

Truth be told, there are tons of online payment systems out there. However, not all of them are safe to use. But we can confidently boast that CashtoCode eVoucher is one of the safest options for online transactions, and the reasons are evident. 

With CashtoCode vouchers, you don’t need to enter your credit/debit card or bank account details to perform or authenticate transactions. Each voucher stands alone and comes with a prefilled amount, so it’s safe to use. 

Besides, when you purchase an eVoucher by CashtoCode, only you can see the 20-digit PIN to use for transactions.

Fast Transactions

Another benefit of using CashtoCode eVouchers is that transactions are processed instantly. This means you don’t have to wait for several hours or days before your merchant receives money, which may cause unnecessary delays. 

Once you enter the right CashtoCode eVoucher 20-digit PIN and have enough money in your eVoucher, the payment is processed without any hiccups.

Easy to Use

eVoucher by CashtoCode is an easy payment method to use. You are not required to create an account on any platform or fill out unnecessarily long forms. Besides, there is no need to start uploading verification documents or going through other time-consuming procedures. 

All you need to do to use this option is buy a CashtoCode eVoucher at an authorised reseller and enter the 20-digit PIN on your merchant site. 

No Fees

Unlike some payment methods, CashtoCode eVoucher transactions are completely fee-free. You will get the same amount in your casino account if you use the option to deposit at an online casino. 

Many Currencies 

CashtoCode eVouchers are available in many currencies. This makes them the perfect payment method to use on entertainment and gaming sites. Availability in multiple currencies also means you may not need to pay currency conversion fees when making payments.

Where Can I Buy CashtoCode eVouchers?

If you are interested in buying CashtoCode eVouchers, you’ll be happy to know that we have a couple of authorised resellers. Buying at an authorised reseller is important if you want to avoid falling victim to scams and other issues. 

You can check out Dundle, OffGamers, CoinsBee and ReloadHero to buy different denominations of eVouchers by CashtoCode. These are our authorised resellers, and you can buy directly from their websites. 

However, it’s worth pointing out that each reseller may have some instructions on how the purchase process goes. So we advise you to read through these instructions for a smooth experience. 

But in most cases, you only need to select the CashtoCode eVoucher amount and currency you want to buy and your preferred payment method. Once your payment is received, the CashtoCode eVoucher will be emailed to you instantly. You can then start using it for online payments on relevant merchant sites. 

Where Can I Use eVouchers by CashtoCode?

CashtoCode eVouchers are accepted by hundreds of merchants worldwide as a secure and preferred payment method. Let’s talk about some of the places you can use this option. 

CashtoCode Online Casinos

Several top online casinos in the iGaming space accept CashtoCode eVouchers as one of their primary deposit methods. Money will appear instantly in your account when you use this option to fund a casino account at one of these gambling sites. 

If you want the best experience using this payment method for casino gaming, choose from our trusted CashtoCode casino sites. These are legit online casinos with valid licences from reputable and strict regulatory bodies. 

You can even read CashtoCode reviews of these casinos on our platform to know what to expect when you play there. But head’s up, you can claim exclusive welcome bonuses when you play at CashtoCode casinos

CashtoCode Bookmakers

Similarly, you can use CashtoCode eVouchers to fund your betting account at CashtoCode bookmakers. The process is typically the same with CashtoCode casinos, so you can expect no delays with processing payments. 

Besides, our recommended CashtoCode bookies operate with legal licences from their respective jurisdictions. Thus, you can expect nothing but the best experience. Additionally, these sports betting operators cover numerous sports and offer highly competitive odds and markets. 

You can also claim incredible bonuses at these top CashtoCode bookmakers when you use CashtoCode eVouchers for deposits. Read our honest and comprehensive reviews of the best bookmakers that accept this payment method to know what to expect when playing with them. 

Buy Cryptocurrencies

Another place where you can use CashtoCode eVouchers is for buying cryptocurrencies. We have a couple of crypto partners who are the best in the business, and they accept eVoucher by CashtoCode as a payment method. 

You will find it easy to buy at these trusted partners, whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or other cryptocurrencies. As a top payment operator, we perform all necessary checks before partnering with any crypto exchange. 

However, we also recommend you do your own research and read through the instructions and terms and conditions of any crypto exchange you want to use. 

CashtoCode Online Dating Platforms

You can use CashtoCode eVouchers to pay for subscriptions at some top online dating platforms and adult sites. With online dating getting more popular in recent years, paying for subscriptions securely and conveniently is key. And this is what the CashtoCode eVoucher offers. 

With CashtoCode online dating platforms, you may meet someone new and build relationships without putting your credit/debit card or bank account details at risk. 

CashtoCode Internet Service Providers

Some top internet service providers that offer web hosting, DDOS protection, VPN, and cloud services accept CashtoCode as a payment option. This means you can easily pay for their services and stay connected. 

It also means that you can access your data anytime at these internet service providers. 

CashtoCode Gaming Partners

CashtoCode eVouchers can also be used at some top gaming partners, like CS:GO marketplaces, where you can buy gaming skins, social networking services and so on. You may even be able to use this payment method to buy games online and download them on your console with ease. 

CashtoCode eVoucher Experience

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to create an account with any platform or upload verification documents to use eVoucher by CashtoCode. Likewise, we’ve designed this payment method so that you don’t have to install any apps on your desktop computers or mobile devices. 

However, this does not mean you cannot use CashtoCode eVouchers on mobile. So long as you can access the merchant site where you want to make a payment, you can use this payment option for transactions. 

Besides, the experience of using the CashtoCode eVoucher is always superb, as the entire process takes only a few seconds. Simply enter the 20-digit PIN, and you are good to go. 

Factors to Consider Using eVoucher by CashtoCode

We can boast that CashtoCode eVoucher is one of the best payment methods for online transactions. The model of operation of this payment option ensures top-notch security of transactions in a simple way. 

However, you need to consider a couple of factors with your merchant site using CashtoCode eVoucher. Doing so will help you enjoy the best experience and avoid issues with the merchants. 

CashtoCode eVoucher Currencies

CashtoCode eVouchers are available in different currencies. So when using this payment method to pay at a merchant site, consider the currencies the merchant supports. This way, you can buy the corresponding CashtoCode eVoucher in the right currency and avoid paying currency conversion fees.

CashtoCode eVoucher Limits

Our CashtoCode eVouchers come in different denominations, which may vary from country to country. Before you proceed to buy an eVoucher, make sure you consider the exact amount you want to use it to pay.

Doing so will help you know the right CashtoCode eVoucher amount that will work for you. You can always check our authorised resellers’ platforms for different denominations of CashtoCode eVouchers. 

Merchant’s Terms and Conditions

Almost every merchant site has terms and conditions regarding payments, products, and services. We recommend that you take some time to read these terms and conditions to know if there is anything to watch out for when using CashtoCode eVouchers for payments. 

However, the best merchants we partner with do not hide bogus details in their T&Cs. As a result, you can expect a high level of fairness when processing transactions with CashtoCode eVouchers.

How does CashtoCode eVoucher work? FAQ

We’ve explained everything you need to know about CashtoCode eVoucher and why our payment product is one of the best. Now, let’s answer some common questions about eVoucher by CashtoCode below.

What is CashtoCode eVoucher?

CashtoCode eVoucher is an electronic voucher payment system that lets you pay online by entering a 20-digit PIN. This payment option offers a secure and fast way to make online payments. 

And the good thing is that you don’t need to enter your bank account or credit/debit card details to use this option. So your money is always safe, and your financial details are not at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

How do I pay using CashtoCode eVoucher?

To make payments on a merchant site using an eVoucher by CashtoCode, visit the merchant site, select the goods or services, and choose CashtoCode eVoucher as your preferred payment method.
After that, enter the 20-digit PIN on your eVoucher in the appropriate field. The transaction will be approved as far as you have enough money to cover the bills in your CashtoCode eVoucher.

Do I need to sign up for CashtoCode eVoucher?

No, you don’t. CashtoCode eVoucher does not require creating an account or uploading any verification documents to start using the option. It is a prepaid payment method, with the eVouchers coming with prefilled amounts.

Where can I buy CashtoCode eVouchers?

You can buy CashtoCode eVouchers online at one of our authorised resellers, such as Dundle, OffGamers, ReloadHero and CoinsBee. It is important to buy from an authorised reseller to avoid falling victim to scams.

How long does CashtoCode eVoucher processing take?

The processing of payments via eVoucher by CashtoCode is instant. This means that when you use the option to fund your casino account, money will appear instantly. Besides, transactions via this payment method are processed for free, making it a good choice for everyone.

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