Buy gift cards with crypto in Canada

If you have a crypto wallet with one of the popular cryptocoins, you can buy gift cards for games, online services or simply buy vouchers in Canadian dollars. However, not all exchanges allow customers to buy gift cards with crypto.

Whether you’re buying a gift card card for a friend or you simply want to avoid sharing your personal information, buying one with crypto guarantees highest privacy protection.

Where to buy gift cards with crypto in 2024

Most popular
Buy gift cards with crypto in Canada
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Doge coin (DOGE) among many other
30 gift cards on offer
Loyalty program
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT)
15+ gift cards on offer
Most gift cards on offer
Over 180 different cryptooins accepted
120+ gift cards on offer

The aforementioned platforms accept a wide array of cryptocoins. If you are going to buy gift cards in bulk you might want to consider checking the fees of their services. Otherwise, the differences between them are inconsiderable.

How do crypto gift cards work?

Crypto gift cards are like any other gift card. They either have a number or a code of some sort. In recent times, vouchers or gift cards of this kind have moved to barcodes.

Scanning of this barcode or providing the code transfers the funds to your account or your payment method. If it’s a gaming card, the moment you enter the code, the game resources are added to your player account.

In short, crypto gift cards are gift cards which you can buy with cryptocoins.

Send a gift card to a friend

Some of the platforms allow you to buy a gift card for a friend. You are paying for the gift card, but you never get access to it. This guarantees the code or the barcode won’t be compromised later on. The code is sent to your friend’s email address only. You get a receipt of the purchase.

Buy crypto with a gift card – exchange your gift cards

If you don’t want to use the gift card you have, you can exchange it for money. Whether it’s one that you’ve received or you bought yourself but is no longer useful, you can get CAD or cryptocoins by exchanging them.

Most flexible platform
Crypto Voucher Logo
Accepted payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, eVoucher, Union Pay, FlexePIN, Neosurf, Trustly, Skrill,
Offer provided on request
All exchanges are subject to a small fulfillment fee.


The ability to buy gift cards with crypto or exchanging them the other way around can open a lot of doors. This won't ever be a request to the vast majority of people. However, to the few that see value in this, it's of huge benefit.


Can I exchange unused gift cards for money?

Yes, you can exchange unused gift cards of all kinds for money. As long as you have remaining balance, you can request an offer our recommended gift card reselling platforms.

Can I buy gift cards with cryptocurrency?

Yes, there are online platforms that sell gift cards and gaming cards for cryptocurrency. They charge a small fulfillment fee, but what's important is that you can get your hands on gift cards by paying with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DOGE and many other cryptocurrencies.

Can I buy gift cards with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy gift cards and vouchers using Bitcoin and other cryptocoins. Most reselling platforms accept the most popular cryptocoins, but there are platforms that accept more than 180 different cryptocoins. They all charge a small fulfillment fee.

Can I exchange gift cards for cryptocurrency?

If you have any unused qualifying gift cards with remaining balance, you can sell exchange them for real money, such as CAD, USD or even get cryptocoins. You have a lot of flexibility. Note, some platforms will give you an offer upon request.

Where can I exchange gift cards for money?

There are a lot of resellers that offer gift cards, but only a few will exchange your gift cards for money. is one of these platforms. For a small fee, you can get money in return for your unused gift cards.

Where can I buy gift cards with cryptocoins?

Our top picks are are Dundle, SeaGM and Coinsbee. These three cover a very long range of gift cards, including entertainment, services and online shops.

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