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There are over 10,000 cash locations across Canada. The number of POS partners keeps growing by the day. Find the one closest to you here.

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Where can I complete a CashtoCode transaction in Canada?

You can find the nearest shop that's partnered with CashtoCode using our store location. With 10,000 locations across Canada there's to be one in your vicinity.

Where can I use CashtoCode online?

CashtoCode as a discreet online cash payment solution is popular with customers and businesses that prefer heightened privacy protection. It's popular with online gaming sites, betting sites and file sharing platforms. Due to CashtoCode's nature, no sensitive information is permanent. It guarantees privacy and security.

Do I need to pay for the transaction at a specific CashtoCode cash location?

No, you can choose whichever cash location is most convenient to you. Once you've generated your barcode at the online CashtoCode partner, visit the shop that you find most convenient. Present it to the cashier, pay for the transaction and they will scan your barcode. Now, the transaction is completed.

Is there a daily payment limit per CashtoCode cash location?

Some POS partners have a daily limit which prevents you from paying. You will be notified if you ever reach the limit.

What should I do if the staff doesn't know how to process a CashtoCode payment?

All CashtoCode cash locations are technically capable of processing CashtoCode transactions. In the event of a staff member not being familiar with the procedure, you can show them the “Help for Store Staff” link printed on your barcode. It offers step by step instructions for the cashier on how to deal with the transaction.

How long is the CashtoCode barcode valid for?

The CashtoCode barcode is valid for seven days. Once a barcode expires you have to generate a new one. Expired barcodes are invalid and you cannot complete a transaction with them.

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