About CashtoCode

CashtoCode is owned by Funanga AG – founded in 2013 by a team of experts from the payments industry with the goal to revolutionise cash payments and debt collection in e-commerce. Our payment API service is entirely focused on speed and simplicity on both ends, online merchants and customers. Funanga AG is moved forward by an international team, with the majority being in Europe.

Discreet and safe payments for everyone

CashtoCode enables customers to connect with merchants directly allowing them to pay in cash, without the need of cards. This is made possible thanks to the closed payment system using only barcodes to communicate all essential transaction information. With more than 3,500 CashtoCode outlets in Ireland, you too can pay online discreetly using cash or cards.

The transaction happen in real-time, instantly and without any other steps required on your end. No forms to fill out, no account to register, all you need is the CashtoCode barcode and cash on you. With CashtoCode you can pay online without worrying for your privacy.

The CashotCode Infoportal mission

The main goal of the CashtoCode Infoportal is to bundle all information on the payment solution, where you can use it and where you can complete your transactions. Here, you can find full information on our partners and what to expect from them. This is always a work in progress as new partners are being added on an almost weekly basis.

Nevertheless, our focus is ensuring our customers have all the information, answers and and help required when using CashtoCode.

The vision

The CashtoCode Infoportal is an important part of our overall vision, to become the leading alternative payment method worldwide. The Infoportal allows us to spread all the information on the payment solution, but to also bring the benefits closer to all potential customers. At first, CashtoCode may seem unorthodox and too good to be true. With the Infoportal, we want to remove any doubt and thoroughly explain to every single user how it works and what it can do for them.

The team behind CashtoCode

CashtoCode, as part of Funanga AG, is led by veterans in the payments industry ensuring all customers' requirements are provided for in the best and most convenient way possible. Additionally, they put a great emphasis on security – guaranteeing the integrity of every transaction, whether large or small.

The strategy envisaged by our C-level management is executed by a little of 40 people including IT, HR, security and marketing departments. We strive to continually improve both CashtoCode as a product and the contents of the CashtoCode Infoportal ensuring every customer gets exactly what they want and expect.

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