CashtoCode betting site reviews in Ireland

To ensure you know how to use our reviews and to reassure you we check all relevant aspects of the CashtoCode betting sites we recommend, we explain all details regarding the reviewing process.

Here are all CashtoCode betting sites we have reviewed and where you can deposit without revealing your personal or payment details.

All CashtoCode betting sites in 2024

This is the full list of all CashtoCode sportsbooks that we have reviewed for Ireland. If you want a more narrow and specific lists check out the pages below:

The sportsbook review process

To ensure we rate the sportsbooks without any bias and to allow you to compare sportsbooks using our reviews, we use the same approach consistently and the same criteria. Below we show in great detail what the process involves.

CashtoCode integration

It may sound redundant but this is where we start. If the betting doesn’t have CashtoCode integrated as deposit method. We check if it works properly and if the appropriate limits are set. While this is left to the discretion to the sportsbook, it’s important we note the specific maximum and minimum limits. If we notice something that sticks out, we do a test by depositing with CashtoCode to ensure everything works as intended.

Once we verify that everything works fine, we continue to the rest of the sportsbook review.

Trust check

As security is non-negotiable, it’s the second thing we check, and one on which we spend the most time. We focus on four things in particular:

  • User reviews – we individually check differnet platforms for verifiable user reviews. We come up with a conclusion based on patterns and repeating issues.
  • Tenure – how long the company has been operational is an important indicator if it’s a reliable ecompany or not. We have our own system how to check even operators that try to stay anoynmous.
  • Security – an SSL is a must, but we also check the privacy policy and the terms and conditions. Predatory or malicious behaviour is unacceptable and we make sure to avoid betting sites that can’t deliver even basic security mechanisms.
  • Licence – the last important thing we check is the licence status of the operator. We check if they have one or multiple licences. Generally, off-shore licences don’t guarantee much security. This is why we check this last. Nevertheless, any licence is better than none!

Odds and offer comparison

The quality of the odds is of paramount importance, but so is the sports coverage. We check the how many sports are on offer – being aware that this varies on the season – and if they cover all events from a given sport.

We conduct a rudimentary odds comparison of a popular sports event that we know is widely available. The purpose isn’t to compare sports coverage, but the odds margins.

Feature evaluation

Early cashout support, bet builders, live streaming and last but not least quick and easy navigation – all of them are crucial for a pleasant online betting experience. A few years ago, they were not all as widely available. Nowadays, most sportsbooks have all of these readily available. Nevertheless, we leave no stone left unturned and make sure that each aspect is rated and added to the overall rating.

Bonuses and promotions rating

We benchmark the bonus amount and the bonus percentage before we dive into the bonus terms. We treat the welcome bonus offer as a separate ranking criteria. Other bonuses and promotions are bundled together, but we make sure that we rate both for quantity and quality. It’s not just the number of promotions that matters, but their quality too.

In most cases, the bonus offer is easy to compare, but the wagering requirements are known to cause issues with unbiased ratings. The issues arise when there are sports restrictions. Not all bettors are interested in football or tennis. There are others that haven’t seen a single basketball game, let alone place a bet on the NBA.

Support test

A real-world problem and a real test is the only way to test the capability of any gambling site, including an online betting site. We test the live chat response time, the quality of the email reply and if there’s phone support. Additionally, we evaluate the FAQs section in terms of quality and quantity. Moreover, we give higher ratings to betting sites that have the FAQs organised per category for easier navigation.

However, by far the most important part of this test is the live chat efficiency and effectiveness. This is the method most customers resort to.

Banking terms comparison

The last and the most difficult part of the review is the banking terms and the withdrawal policy. We understand that there are bettors with different budgets which is why we check both the deposit and the withdrawal limits. The deposit limits are easy to identify and compare, but the withdrawal ones is nearly impossible due to improved payout terms for VIP customers and for varied KYC procedures.

What our ratings mean?

Our review rating is the average of five different scores for five different sections. As they are not equally important, they are weighed differently. In other words, each of them contributes differently to the overall rating.

We’re going to take you through all of them individually, explaining what each line means.

Odds & features 0-25%

The goal of the Odds & Features is to evaluate and determine the quality of the betting experience one might get assuming there are no technical difficulties, no bonuses are in use and if depositing and withdrawing are not an issue.

Number of sports0-10%2pts for every 5 sports
Cashoutup to 3%3pts for easy to use and widely applicable
2pts for easy to use
1pts for filler
Live bettingup to 3%3pts for decent live betting
2pts for a half bad
1pt for a filler
Live streamingup to 3%3pts for decent live streaming (like bet365)
2pts for a half bad
1pt for a filler
Bet builderup to 3%Available 3pts
Not available 0pts

The odds variety is important for bettors who like to wager across different sports. We give tw points for every five sports offered, incentivising sportsbooks to offer a broader selection.

An early cashout feature can be detrimental for the success of customers who are into more advanced tactics. If the feature is prominently advertised an the terms are clear and easy to understand, the bookmaker gets higher points. If the early cashout applies to most sports, the betting site gets top points. If the early cashout feature is only easy to use the sportsbook gets half of the available points. Lastly, if we feel the feature is just used as a filler or a promo stunt, we allocate the minimum amount of points.

Live betting and live streaming go hand in hand, but we rank them differently. The reason is that one of them is ubiquitous, the other is widely available with subpar quality. To give you a better idea of what each betting site can deliver, we decided it’s best to show a different score for each. Overall, the more detailed the offer is and the better the coverage of live streaming is, the higher the rating is.

Lastly, if there’s a bet builder the sportsbook can get three points, whereas if one is not available they get none. At times where we see that the bet builder is not well designed we may deduct points.

Trust 0-25%

Trust and reliability are the second most important section with up to 25% of the overall rating. There are four separate factors we check when reviewing sportsbooks.

User reviews0-5%1pt for every Trustpilot star
Tenure0-5%1pt for every two years
License5-9%5pts for Curacao, 9pts for MGA

As user reviews are vital for any unbiased review, we check well-established platforms like Trustpilot for user experiences. However, to make sure the operator gets a fair chance, we try to verify the reviews before we consider them in our rating. The only reason for this is the notion that only dissatisfied customers leave reviews.

We also give the sportsbook operator one point for every two years of tenure on the market. The longer they’ve been around, the easier it is for us and you to commit and place a real money bet.

Based on the license the entity has, sportsbooks can get between five and nine points. The more relevant to Ireland the licence is, or the better reputation it has, the higher the trust rating.

Bonus 0-20%

The bonus criteria varies from market to market. In addition, we have focused only on international betting sites as there aren’t any CashtoCode sites that are locally licenced. We’ve made an attempt at having a system that will include all aspects of the bonus offer at an online sportsbook.

Welcome bonus0-5%5pts if €200+
4pts if €100+
3pts if €75+
2pts if €50+
1pts if there is welcome bonus
Bonus terms0-6%2pt for less than 6x deposit and bonus
2pt if minimum odds up to 2.00
1pt for €20 min qualifying deposit or less
Promotions0-6%1pts for every betting promotion
VIP program0-3%3pts only if all details disclosed
2pts if well structured
1pts if available
0pts if not available

If we notice that there’s a trend of improvements in some area, to offset the new median and average, we are promptly updating the rating criteria. As you can see, we’re not limiting our criteria to the welcome bonus, but cover the ongoing promotions too and the existence of any VIP program that might bring additional features and advantages.

Support 0-15%

Testing the customer support at an online betting site is easy, but communicating the criteria is easier said than done. The most important part is the live chat experience. We pay attention to the response time, the quality of the reply, if customers can directly upload documents to the chat, and so on.

Live chat0-5%Design, response time, availability, agent's experience
Email, phone support0-2%1pt for each if available
FAQs0-3%3pts if available
Registration process0-3%2pts for easy KYC 1pt for simple registration

Despite other methods being considered dated, we believe that email and phone support are still much needed in an industry where trust is everything. Phone support has died out for the most part, whereas email is still used if you are verifying your identity or you need a paper trail.

The registration process and the FAQ section are also part of the support score. In specific, we evaluate if the information requested during registration is limited to what’s essential or the operator wants to find out more about the customer without any reason in particular.

Payments 0-15%

Depositing0-5%1pt for cards, ewallet, CashtoCode, online banking, crypto
Withdrawing0-5%1pt for cards, crypto, ewallets, online banking, bank transfer
Payout speed0-5%5pts if under 24 hours 4pts if 48 hours 3pts if 72 hours 2pts for more than 96

Reviewing principles

Regardless if it’s a review, a guide or providing detailed information about CashtCode eVoucher, we stick to our principles.

  • Unbiased – we have a system that prevents our expert content writers of being biased. This way, they can truly give their honest and full opinion without fear of conflict of interest.
  • Impartial – sometimes not all the information plays in the operator’s favor. Nevertheless we have to display all the facts so you can come up with a fully informed decision.
  • Honest – it’s an industry that’s doesn’t have the best reputation and sometimes we have to communicate this. If some aspect of a betting site can affect your experience negatively, instead of coming up with ways to migitgate this we simply communicate it and explain in detail how it will cause you problems.
  • Transparent – Taking in everything and analysing it as is, we comment on all aspects of the betting sites. If we simply couldn’t conclude an investigation due to no access to a particular section, for example, we are transparent with you.

How to use our online casino reviews?

Our betting site reviews are designed to be consistent and thereby easy to compare. The goal of the review is to set and manage your expectations before you join the betting site. Once you join and you make a deposit it’s too late to change your mind. You can simply stop betting and withdraw your money, but you’re exposing yourself to a lot of hassle.

Each betting site has undergone the same testing process and has been subjected to the same rating criteria. This enables us to easily compare betting site reviews and rank them not based on our opinion, but based on the facts.


Odds change, betting bonuses change, the support team changes and even the banking terms are subject to change. We can’t provide real time updates for all sportsbooks. However, we make sure that we update the most important sections, such as the welcome bonus offer in every review.

If you come across data or information that’s outdated, we apologise. We are doing our best to keep the content updated at all times. Nevertheless, this is why we’re trying to give you the full picture and educate you if necessary what is good and what you should steer clear from.

Only a few betting sites are of high quality in Ireland

In short, only a few betting sites in Ireland are decently built. On the surface, 90% of them look the same and have the same features. The only difference you get to find is in the promotions. They also like to make bold promises, but the delivery fails short.

Nevertheless, there are enough betting sites for every month of the year. They are reliable and they do go the extra distance to deliver a unique experience tailored to Irish bettors.


What are the best betting sites in Canada?

The best betting sites in Canada are reliable and safe to bet with real money. In addition, the odds are at least average and they make up for this with advanced betting features. As the reviews are updated regularly, it’s best to check the top lists to fint the best bettng sites at the moment.

What are the best CashtoCode eVoucher betting sites?

The number of CashtoCode eVoucher betting sites is growing rapidly. We try to review only the best ones and we constantly adding new operators. The current list of CashtoCode eVoucher betting sites shows the top bookmakers that accept CashtoCode eVoucher.

How do you review online betting sites?

We have a detailed reviewing process that covers the odds quality, the security and reliability, the customer support, the banking offer and the bonus offer. Each betting site is benchmarked and evaluated based on the same criteria ensuring you can easily compare different sites.

Why should I trust your betting site reviews?

In short, because we check every detail and we’re sticking to our reviewing principes. It’s in our best interest to guide you to the best sports betting site for you, not to one that’s great in general. This way, you get exactly what you want and chances are you will stay with the operator for a longer time.

Do betting site reviews include information on depositing and withdrawing?

Yes, despite us showing only CashtoCode eVoucher bookmakers, we comment on the other deposit methods. In addition, although CashtoCode eVoucher can’t be used for payouts, we check the withdrawal policy to give you an idea of what awaits you should you bet and win.

How do you compare betting odds?

We conduct an odds comparison of a popular sports event at the time of writing of the review. Generally, betting sites have pre-adjusted betting margins that they just scale up. By conducint a simple test of the margins on one event we get a rather good idea where the sportsbook stands.

How often are the betting site reviews updated?

The betting bonus section of our reviews is updated whenever we get news the bonus has changed. Other aspects of the betting site review are updated at least once every six months. This way we can update the review to reflect any new betting promotions added or new betting features integrated.

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