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CashtoCode revolutionises payments enabling customers to pay online in cash. Find a CashtoCode partner site, generate your barcode and find a nearby CashtoCode outlet to complete a transaction. With more than 3,500 CashtoCode outlets in Ireland there must be one nearby.

You don't need to create an account and there's no need to provide any personal or payment information to pay with CashtoCode. It is one of a kind cash payment solution that enables you to pay directly to online merchants.

If privacy and security are your prime concern, CashtoCode is THE best payment option.

What is CashtoCode?


Your personal and payment details are 100% safe and secure


You can pay with cash online without revealing and details


No registration required – 3 steps only


All transactions are processed instantly

Advantanges of paying with CashtoCode

You can pay online with cash.
Instantly completed online transactions.
Only you get a receipt of the transaction.
No personal or payment information is required.
Decent coverage with 3,500+ outlets in Ireland.
No payment limits – make as many transactions as you want.
No or very low fees – transparent charges if any apply.

How does CashtoCode work?

CashtoCode is a simple and easy to use payment solution. Here it is described in only three points.


Generate barcode

Generate your barcode at the CashtoCode partner site. You can do this at the cashier – as you'd normally do with other methods.


Pay at the outlet

Visit one of the 3,500+ CashtoCode outlets. Present the CashtoCode barcode to the cashier and pay the amount shown on the receipt.


Payment complete

Once the CashtoCode barcode is scanned, the transaction is completed. Your funds are transferred to the CashtoCode partner.

Find a CashtoCode outlet

Currently, there are over 3,500 CashtoCode outlets in Ireland. Most of them are petrol stations chains and supermarkets, but you can complete your CashtoCode transactions at smaller shops. Our network grows weekly.

There are two methods to finding CashtoCode outlets


During barcode generation

You can view all CashtoCode outlets during the barcode generation. You can use any of them. You don't have to use the one nearest to you.


Using our Outlet Finder

You can use our Outlet Finder available on our website. Simply provide your post code and the results are displayed.

Additional information about CashtoCode

CashtoCode Infoportal is the platform where you can learn everything about CashtoCode including, but not limited to its application, benefits, existing partners and outlets. We also feature the best partners in every category. Whether you're looking for a CashtoCode partner site or you have a support query, you're at the right place.


In general, there are no fees on CashtoCode payments – they are covered by the retailer. However, there are some businesses that do charge a fee to cover the fulfillment fee. In any case, if there are any fees that apply to your payments they are prominently displayed with the barcode.

CashtoCode Online

The business model of CashtoCode is to bring offline payments online. This way you can directly give your cash to the merchant, without any banks as intermediary. At the moment, you can't pay for CashtoCode online. You have to visit a local outlet to pay for the transaction and have your code scanned.

Receiving money

At the moment, CashtoCode supports one way payments. There is no wallet to which you can receive money. This allows CashtoCode users to pay online without disclosing any personal or payment information. If you pay or make deposits online with CashtoCode, the CashtoCode partners will allow you to withdraw any funds to an alternative payment method, usually a bank transfer or an e-wallet.


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What is CashtoCode?

CashtoCode is a safe online payment method that allows you to pay in cash or by card. Generate a barcode at a partner site, find an outlet and complete your transaction. You don't have to register an account to use CashtoCode.

Where can I use CashtoCode?

CashtoCode is popular at online casinos, betting sites, file sharing providers, VPN providers and you can also buy crypto with CashtoCode.

How does CashtoCode work?

CashtoCode is a cash payment solution allowing you to directly pay to an online retailer. As it's a cash payment, no personal or payment information is required. To pay online, generate a code with the CashtoCode partner, find and visit a nearby outlet to settle the transaction.

Where can I buy CashtoCode?

You can't buy CashtoCode. Every transaction is tied to a barcode which is requested at the CashtoCode partner website. One barcode – one transaction. You can't bundle several transactions with one CashtoCode barcode. Also, you can't bundle several CashtoCode barcodes to settle one transaction.

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