CashtoCode Outlets

There are over 3,500 CashtoCode point of sales (POS) across Ireland. You can find the closest CashtoCode outlet in seconds using our CashtoCode Outlet finder.

Below you can also find the most common questions related to locations where you can complete your CashtoCode transactions with cash or using a card.


What am I to expect when I arrive at the CashtoCode outlet?

CashtoCode outlets are retail shops that are partnered with CashtoCode, where you can present your CashtoCode barcodes, pay the amount required, have the code scanned and with that complete the online payment – discreetly and without providing any additional information. To find the closest outlet, use our outlet finder.

What should I do if the cashier or store staff don't know how to process the CashtoCode transaction?

In extremely rare cases, the cashier or the store staff don't know how to approach a CashtoCode payment request. Every CashtoCode outlet has the technical and hardware capacity to process transactions. Access the “Help for Sales Staff” link displayed under your CashtoCode barcode and present it to the cashier.

What should I do if the CashtoCode outlet has reached its daily limit?

To prevent big-scale frauds, prepaid outlets are subjected to payment limits. If this limit is reached you can't pay for your CashtoCode transactions. You have to find another CashtoCode outlet nearby which hasn't exceeded their daily payment limit. In most cases, CashtoCode outlets are no further than a few hundred meters away.

Do I have to pay for the CashtoCode transaction at a specific CashtoCode outlet?

No, the CashtoCode barcode is universal and can be scanned and paid for at any CashtoCode outlet in Ireland. Choose the one you find most convenient.

How long is the CashtoCode barcode valid?

The CashtoCode barcode is valid for seven days from the moment you create it. This should give you enough time to find a CashtoCode outlet and complete the transaction.

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