CashtoCode enables you to discreetly pay online because it doesn't require any of your personal details. Additionally, if you complete the transaction by paying in cash at the POS partner, you aren't sharing any payment information as well.

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How safe is CashtoCode as a payment method?

If you pay online with CashtoCode you are not revealing any personal or payment details to the merchants or any banks. Because of this, your privacy is protected removing any threat of fraud, identity theft or scams.

How do I know if a CashtoCode partner site is safe?

Before becoming a CashtoCode partner site, business must undergo strict security checks. For example, the CashtoCode casinos and bookmakers must have tenure and to hold a license to gain access to our payment services. Additionally, if a site is showcased as the CashtoCode Infoportal, you can rest assure it's safe and meets all security criteria.

Why is the CashtoCode barcode safe?

Every CashtoCode transaction is tied to a CashtoCode barcode. One barcode – one transaction. Only genuine CashtoCode barcodes can initiate and complete a transaction. Since it's a closed payment system, there's no room for any issues. Nevertheless, if you experience any unforeseen issues, please contact customer support immediately.

Do I receive a receipt of the CashtoCode transaction?

All customers receive a receipt for every CashtoCode transaction. It shows the transaction ID, customer support contact details and the time of the transaction among other information.

Can I pay discreetly with CashtoCode?

Yes, CashtoCode is a discreet payment method which doesn't require any of your personal details or payment information. It doesn't share any details with the merchant or your bank in the event you're paying with a debit or a credit card. You also don't need an account to make CashtoCode payments.

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