How does CashtoCode work?

CashtoCode allows you to pay online in cash or using a card. You don't need to register and you don't need an account. All you need is a CashtoCode outlet near you to complete the transaction.

Step-by-step guide on CashtoCode payments

Visit the CashtoCode partner site

Select CashtoCode as your payment method

Generate your barcode

Save your barcode on your phone or print it out Visit a CashtoCode outlet having the barcode on you

Find a CashtoCode outlet

Use our Outler Finder to find the nearest CashtoCode location

Present the barcode to the cashier

Show the CashtoCode barcode to the cashier

Pay for the transaction

You can pay in cash or by card to settle the amount

Transaction complete

Once the barcode is scanned the money is transferred

CashtoCode connects you with the CashtoCode Partner

If you don't want to share your personal or payment information, CashtoCode is the perfect solution for you. With CashtoCode, you don't reveal any information, keeping all transaction and your business private. As far as personal details go, CashtoCode doesn't process any of it.

In simple words, we just “hand” the cash to the CashtoCode partner. Even if you use a card, a debit or a credit one, the bank statement only shows a CashtoCode charge – not to whom you've paid. Your CashtoCode receipt only shows the transaction without revealing any information about you. This is why CashtoCode is a discreet payment method.

The barcode is a “temporary transaction instruction”

Its purpose is to communicate the details required to process the transaction safely and easily. This prevents any typos in the process or wrong details The CashtoCode barcode shows no information that has any meaning out of the CashtoCode ecosystem. This guarantees your privacy is protected.

The barcode shows the cashier how much they should charge you before scanning the code. Once scanned, our system matches your barcode with the payment you just made. Once the transaction goes through, you can use the funds credited to your account at the CashtoCode partner site.

Here's some additional information about the CashtoCode barcode:

  • Falls du den Barcode verlierst, entsteht kein Schaden – erstelle einfach einen neuen.
  • The barcode is valid for 7 days – this is more than enough to find a CashtoCode outlet to complete the transaction.
  • You don't have to print the barcode – you can show it on your phone to the cashier.
  • If your CashtoCode barcode gets stolen, they can only pay money in your account – you can't lose anything. You can always generate another code.

Is the CashtoCode barcode a cash code?

CashtoCode uses proprietary technology to process and manage payments. The code is generated at a partner site and is paid for in cash or by card at a CashtoCode outlet. The funds are immediately credited to your account. You can use them as you please.

One-way payment method for discreet payments

CashtoCode can stay discreet as it supports only one way payments. You can pay online, but you can't receive money via CashtoCode. As you don't have a CashtoCode account, you also don't have a wallet to which you could otherwise receive money.

If you have to withdraw money from a CashtoCode partner site, you can do using conventional payment methods.

Where is CashtoCode particularly popular?

Over the past few years, CashtoCode's partner network has been growing at a steady pace. Although there still are big online retail businesses that don't accept CashtoCode, like Amazon or eBay, we believe that at this pace that will too become reality. CashtoCode is extremely popular with online casinos and sports betting sites.

Our mission is to grow the network of CashtoCode partners further and make discreet payments available to as many people as possible. Therefore, there are new partners on an almost weekly basis.

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