CashtoCode is a discreet payment method that enables you to pay online using cash or cards. Here, you can find all queries related to CashtoCode payments and transactions.


What should I do if my transaction is not processing?

As a general rule, any CashtoCode transactions are processed within seconds. Your money should appear on your account a few seconds after the cashier scans your CashtoCode barcode. In event it doesn't, allows a few minutes before contacting support. Make sure you provide the transaction ID which is displayed on your CashtoCode receipt.

Are there any CashtoCode fees?

There are no fees on CashtoCode deposits at online casinos or bookmakers. However, there are some other services such as file sharing and VPNs that charge a small admin fee on CashtoCode payments. All fees are displayed prominently to ensure transparency.

Can I buy CashtoCode as a prepaid card?

Unfortunately no. All CashtoCode transactions are tied to their respective CashtoCode barcodes. They are all single-use only. If you need to make multiple CashtoCode transactions, you need multiple CashtoCode barcodes. Each of the transactions is processed separately.

Are there any payment limits?

There aren't any limits on how much you can pay via CashtoCode. However, individual transactions are subject transaction limits. Currently in Ireland, you can pay between €1 and €800. Some CashtoCode partners mandate a minimum payment limit of €20 or €25 and maximum of €500.

Can I withdraw money using CashtoCode?

No, CashtoCode is not a withdrawal method. It's not a wallet to which you can receive money. For the time being, you can use it only to make discreet online payments at select CashtoCode partners.

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