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These are all the general queries relating to use of CashtoCode, including what it is, how to use it and what its limits are.


Where can I buy CashtoCode online?

You can't buy CashtoCode online. You can pay in cash or by card by first generating a CashtoCode barcode at an online partner and visiting a local POS partner. This aspect of the payment solution makes it the most discreet out of all of its competitors.

Do I have to open an account with CashtoCode to pay online?

No, you don't need to register an account with CashtoCode. You don't need to share any personal details with CashtoCode to complete your transaction. All you need is a CashtoCode barcode and POS partner nearby. Pay the amount to the cashier and present the CashtoCode barcode for scanning to complete the transaction.

Are CashtoCode payments safe?

Yes, CashtoCode payments are safe as it's a closed payment system, connecting your cash payment and the online business directly, with no banks as intermediaries. The CashtoCode barcode holds all the information we need to process the transaction, without using any of your personal details.

Are there any CashtoCode promotions?

Yes, we do run monthly and season-long promotions in which you can take part. The prize pool budgets are in the range of €10,000 to €100,000 depending on the promotion period and the scale of it.

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