CashtoCode eVoucher as an alternative to AstroPay

AstroPay is a global payment solution that has evolved into offering both prepaid voucher and e-wallet payments. Pulling this off is commendable, but its double functionality is its weak point. CashtoCode is a better AstroPay alternative for secure transactions. It functions for just deposits, but its simplicity and availability go a long way in making it a more reliable payment system.

eVoucher compared to AstroPay

AstroPay and eVoucher have their differences and a few similarities. AstroPay offers a prepaid voucher and an e-wallet. While the voucher option works like eVoucher, you must load funds if you choose to pay using the e-wallet. This means you're creating an account and owning a virtual card. This makes payments easy, yet at the same time, makes you more susceptible to a data breach. 

CashtoCode, on the other hand, uses a 20-digit code. You can either get this at a local retailer or online resellers. It’s in this area that both payment options share a similarity.

As a result of creating an account, AstroPay  doesn't offer the anonymity like eVoucher does. You must verify your phone number and have a mobile wallet to check your balance. CashtoCode eVoucher is better as it shields your identity, with your email being the only necessary information.

Type of methodPrepaid voucherPrepaid voucher, e-wallet
Personal informationNoNo, Yes (e-wallet)
Account requirementNoYes (e-wallet)
Fund/purchase methodCards, e-wallets, crypto, online bankingCards, e-wallets, crypto, online banking
Maintenance feesNoNo

AstroPay comes near CashtoCode with its prepaid voucher. However, it's not as secure, as the website requires you to sign up for an e-wallet. This places CashtoCode eVoucher as a better alternative to AstroPay. It prioritizes keeping you anonymous and allows you to buy voucher codes from the site or via merchant sites.

How does AstroPay work?

AstroPay gives you the opportunity of making payments in your preferred way. The e-wallet requires you to create an account by verifying your phone number. However, the safest option is its prepaid vouchers.

1AstroPay is a global voucher and e-wallet option.
2It requires creating and maintaining a wallet account.
3You must top up your AstroPay e-wallet balance once low
4AstroPay vouchers are available at local retailers and online resellers, including Dundle, Baxity, OffGamers and
5AstroPay e-wallet features a withdrawal option.
6There are transaction and withdrawal fees involved.

AstroPay e-wallet allows you to receive money. On the other hand, its voucher works similarly to most prepaid vouchers. However, most sites offering vouchers don't offer them in CAD, meaning you must convert currency. 

Neosurf, Flexepin and eVoucher are better alternatives to AstroPay in this regard. Even Neosurf charges you up to 2% as a conversion fee, but you can avoid these when you fund your account using CashtoCode eVoucher. It offers multiple payment limits in CAD, making it the best alternative to AstroPay. 

Voucher expiration period

AstroPay vouchers have an expiration date of 12 months after purchase. You must use them before this period. If you miss the expiration deadline, you can purchase another voucher to roll over the existing voucher. You must contact support to merge your vouchers. 

Information required for AstroPay transactions

Purchasing an AstroPay prepaid voucher means no personal information is shared. With online resellers, you must input an email to receive your code. Using the e-wallet, you might have to use your prepaid card details for transactions. 

Phone numberYes (e-wallet)
Card detailsNo
Bank accountNo
KYCOn demand

Acquiring the prepaid voucher from the physical store is the safest as it doesn't require personal details. Online stores are next in line regarding safety since they only need your email. AstroPay e-wallet sits last on the scale of preference for security and privacy as you reveal your phone number, email, name and even supply supporting documents. There's a massive potential for data loss in a data breach.

Can you pay anonymously with AstroPay?

Yes, you can. However, that’s when you use the AstroPay prepaid voucher. With the vouchers, you only need your prepaid voucher code to purchase anything online.


AstroPay doesn't charge any fees on voucher purchases. With its e-wallet, you’re not required to pay to top up your account. This is the most significant benefit of this prepaid option. However, there is a charge of 0.5% fee for withdrawals . When your AstroPay voucher expires, you’re only required to top up to continue enjoying the service. 

RegistrationYes (e-wallet)
Currency conversionNo
WithdrawingYes – 0.5%

AstroPay doesn't charge any fees for purchasing a top-up on its e-wallet. However, you must pay certain costs to online retailers. This varies from one to the other. With Dundle, buying a $136.35 voucher comes with a $5.56 fulfillment fee. Remember that you may also part with conversion fees since not all online resellers offer AstroPay vouchers in CAD. 

You also part with small fulfillment fees at CashtoCode. While some resellers charge flat commission rates, others charge variable rates. Hence, SeaGM charges 6.40% on your purchases, but Topmeup offers between 4.95% to 14.75%.


AstroPay has different purchasing limits based on the online retailer. However, you can purchase vouchers from $5 to $200. You also have the option to merge several vouchers for large purchases. However, you need the help of support for this. 

With AstroPay e-wallet, your purchasing limit depends on your loyalty level. It has five loyalty levels and gives you increased withdrawal limits as you progress.

TransactionsUp to $200
FundingNo limit

AstroPay vouchers allow for payments only, with no options for withdrawals. You can purchase vouchers as high as $155, but the transaction limits vary with merchant sites and can be as high as $13,500. eVoucher, however, remains a better alternative to AstroPay, as vouchers are as high as $250, and you can transact up to $1,500 at a go.

However, there's an option to receive payments with AstroPay's e-wallet option. This makes it a more unified payment option. However, this won't be much of a consideration if you prioritize discreet payments. 


AstroPay vouchers are secure; you only need to guard your 16-digit code. Where you might do a little more safeguarding is with the e-wallet option. It uses a virtual prepaid card that requires inputting your card details. Although it features several layers of security, it's not as secure as the CashtoCode eVoucher option.

Company nameLarstal Ltd
Publicly tradedNo
Canada launch2009
Security protocolsKYC, SSL

AstroPay is designed to prioritize security and provides a secure platform for online transactions. It uses encryption tech to protect user data during transactions and complies with industry security standards. As with any online payment service, it's advisable to stay vigilant, regularly review account activity and report suspicious transactions or concerns to AstroPay's customer support.

Customer support

AstroPay offers an FAQ section under the Help Centre. You can find information concerning account creation and password problems. 

Live chatNo
FAQ support centerYes

The FAQ section isn’t very detailed. Hence, you can message for any additional information you need from the AstroPay agents. 

AstroPay industry portfolio

AstroPay is a payment service that operates globally. Payments can be made anywhere in the world, including online e-commerce, sports betting and the online casino industry. It's widely known in Canada as a payment option at online casinos but still only comes behind other AstroPay alternatives in this market. eVoucher has quickly become one of the best prepaid voucher cards, and its availability in multiple internationally licensed casinos is proof of its positive strides.

Software servicesYes

You can also purchase crypto using your AstroPay voucher or e-wallets as well. However, this isn't an exclusive feature, as CashtoCode eVoucher lets you buy crypto coins on


AstroPay features a prepaid voucher and an e-wallet to maintain all your money in one spot. This makes payments, withdrawals, and transferring funds to different websites hassle-free. Its mobile app feature is another excellent tool for using this option. It makes the e-wallet easy to Top-Up your account, with several standard payment options at your disposal. 

AstroPay intends to be a multi-purpose payment solution. However, this defeat the purpose of discreet payments, which leave no trail. CashtoCode eVoucher, though offering only deposits, gives you secure and unidentifiable payments. This makes it the best alternative to AstroPay if you prefer private transactions.  


Can I pay anonymously with AstroPay?

Yes, you can use AstroPay to send money anonymously. You only need to purchase an AstroPay voucher, input your 16-digit code, and you're good to go. With the e-wallet, you must input your virtual prepaid card details.

Can I send money with AstroPay discreetly?

Yes, you can make anonymous payments with an AstroPay voucher. Your identity or bank account details are unnecessary to initiate a cash transfer. However, using its e-wallet option isn't as discreet.

What are the best alternatives of AstroPay?

CashtoCode is the best alternative to AstroPay. Neosurf and Flexepin are also good AstroPay alternatives too. However, CashtoCode is more accessible and comes with fewer fees.

What is a better alternative of AstroPay?

AstroPay offers two payment solutions in one and might not have a direct competitor. However, Jeton is a good alternative for AstroPay e-wallet. CashtoCode eVoucher is the best alternative to the AstroPay voucher.

What is a cheaper alternative of AstroPay?

Although AstroPay has no maintenance fee, you may have to part with extra costs in the form of currency conversions. This is because most AstroPay vouchers are offered in other currencies. You can, however, avoid these charges with CashtoCode eVoucher, which is readily available in CAD.

Is there a free service like AstroPay?

You can hardly find free payment services as resellers charge small fulfillment fees on your deposits. You may also have to pay extra maintenance or refund fees, which are not charged at AstroPay. Similarly, the eVoucher is one of the few with minimal charges, as you only part with the fulfillment fees.

Can I pay with AstroPay without an account?

This depends on the AstroPay payment you select. With eVoucher payments, you need your code from an online reseller. However, with the e-wallet, you would require an account to manage your payments.

Can I send money with AstroPay with no registration?

Yes, you can use AstroPay vouchers without registration. However, with AstroPay e-wallet, you must is the only form of this prepaid option that requires registration. 

Can I receive money to AstroPay anonymously?

AstroPay allows you to receive payments only with its e-wallet option. However, this is not anonymous, as payments are made to your e-wallet.

Do I need to pay to use AstroPay?

Yes, you pay some extra fees to online resellers and can hardly buy at the exact cost of the eVoucher value. This can be at a fixed or variable rate. With AstroPay e-wallet, you are not charged any fees to Top-Up your account. 

How much fees apply to using AstroPay?

You must pay fulfillment fees when purchasing prepaid vouchers. Each online reseller, however, has its minimum fee requirement. There’s also a 0.5% fee on your withdrawals via AstroPay e-wallet.

Can I use AstroPay at online casinos?

AstroPay is more common at online casinos running on offshore licenses from Curacao and Malta. It’s a suitable transaction option as it functions for both deposits and withdrawals. However, eVoucher remains a better AstroPay alternative for untraceable deposits at online casinos.

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