CashtoCode eVoucher as an alternative to FlexePIN

FlexePin is among the latest brands of payment solutions making privacy a watchword. It prides itself on convenient, budget-friendly and private payments. This is accurate, but FlexePIN has a significant weak link in its availability on merchant sites, an area where the eVoucher outshines it. Both are popular prepaid vouchers but discover what distinguishes the eVoucher as a better FlexePIN alternative.

eVoucher compared to FlexePIN

As both payments are prepaid vouchers, they function in similar ways. You must fill in codes you purchase from local retailers or online, which you then provide on merchant sites. Acquiring your FlexePIN code, though, isn't as convenient as the eVoucher makes it. 

Type of methodPrepaid voucherPrepaid voucher
Personal informationNoNo
Account requirementNoNo
Fund/purchase methodCards, e-wallets, crypto, online bankingCards, e-wallets, crypto, online banking
Maintenance feesNoYes

You can purchase FlexePIN from a local retailer or an online reseller. However, this voucher is available only at TopmeUp and Dundle. Furthermore, you can only access these retailers through the FlexePIN website.

CashtoCode eVoucher makes things much more accessible, allowing you to buy from as many as six online retailers, including ReloadHero, OffGamers, Recharge and SeaGM. You can also purchase them directly from any merchant sites offering the payment method. This saves you the effort of going to the payment solution's website and returning to the merchant site.

These prepaid vouchers assure you of privacy at its peak. However, the eVoucher service is a cheaper alternative to FlexePIN and offers a more straightforward payment approach.

How does FlexePIN work?

FlexePIN has only been around for less than a decade but is among the safest payment options and a much safer alternative to bank transfers and even e-wallets. You're not revealing any information, so you can rest assured about your personal and financial information safety using this payment option. Here's some info on how it works.

1FlexePIN is one of the most recent prepaid vouchers.
2FlexePIN doesn’t require registration or your personal details.
3FlexePIN vouchers are available at local retailers and online resellers, including TopmeUp and Dundle.
4You can fund your account with the purchased FlexePIN voucher amount till the entire value is exhausted 
5Money can only be sent with FlexePIN
6There are transaction and maintenance fees involved.

FlexePIN is among the recent players in the expanding prepaid voucher market. Other alternatives to FlexePIN include Neosurf and CashtoCode eVoucher. However, eVoucher easily takes the lead amongst all, as it’s more available and charges lesser fees.

Voucher expiration period

Every FlexePIN voucher has a “Use by” date, which is 12 months from the purchase date. You can transfer the value of the voucher or apply for a refund before the Use By date. There's a monthly $2.50 maintenance fee once the Use By date passes. Furthermore, the voucher charges a maintenance fee worth $18 if you request a refund after the Use By date.

Information required for FlexePIN transactions

There's hardly any information you're giving out with FlexePIN. If you want a private transaction, purchasing your voucher from local retailers is best. This is because you need your email to receive the code from online resellers. 

EmailYes (online resellers)
Phone numberNo
Card detailsNo
Bank accountNo
KYCOn demand

With local retailers, no personal information is required and transactions are untraceable. However, online retailers send the FlexePIN voucher to your email address. This is generally safer than e-wallets which can be traced to you or card payments, which require your personal and financial info. These other alternatives can be devastating when there's a data breach from unauthorized third parties.

Can you pay anonymously with FlexePIN?

Yes, you can. Flexepin allows you to buy a prepaid voucher from a local retailer in your area without leaving a trail. The process is the same when shopping at an online store. However, you receive the 16-digit code via your email. The level of anonymity here is maximum.


In addition to your transaction amount, you pay value retailer convenience fees to the online resellers. You may incur maintenance and redemption fees depending on when you use your voucher code. You can avoid these when you use your voucher before the Use By date.

Currency conversionNo
InactivityYes – $2.5 after 12 months

You also pay these additional fees with CashtoCode eVoucher. The only fee you pay here's to the resellers and you can decide how little or much based on the reseller you're paying through. You pay a flat rate at some, whereas others require you to pay variable fees.

At Topmeup, you can pay as little as 4%, though this could get as high as 14.75% based on the value of your transaction. Similarly, Dundle charges 7.03% to 14.68%.

On the other hand, SeaGM charges 6.40%, Offgamers charges 10% and Offgamers charges 10%. Apart from these, there are no additional fees you pay. 


Retailers sell different FlexePIN voucher amounts. You can purchase prepaid vouchers worth up to $500 on Topmeup, while Dundle offers up to $100. Topmeup lets you purchase as many as four vouchers of the same amount at once, while Dundle enables you to buy up to nine at once. Some merchant sites let you fund your account with as high as $10,000. Keep in mind that the payment option isn't available for withdrawals.

TransactionsUp to $500
FundingNo limit

Limits at CashtoCode vary from the resellers, with the maximum voucher amount pegged at $250. However, you can purchase multiple vouchers from resellers at once. The max amount you can pay at once using eVoucher is $1,500. It's also unavailable for withdrawals. 


FlexePIN does away with the fear of losing your financial and personal information. But still, you must secure your voucher code/ PIN by not disclosing, transferring or assigning the Flexepin Voucher PIN to any third party.

Company nameFlexeWallet Pty Limited
Publicly tradedNo
Canada launch2015
Security protocolsKYC, SSL

FlexePIN has quickly recorded a rise in interest from merchants and consumers alike, even though it’s been around since 2015. The Australia-based payments solution has since extended to more continents but doesn’t operate publicly on stock markets. Yet still, it has a strong reputation but isn’t as accessible as other FlexePIN key alternatives, particularly CashtoCode eVoucher. 

Customer support

You can contact FlexePIN agents via the contact form for any clarification. The website provides live support, but a chatbot operates it, ultimately directing you to use the contact form for any queries not listed in its well-detailed FAQ section. 

Live chatYes (chatbot)
FAQ support centerYes

If your eVoucher gets cancelled due to suspicions of fraud, you should email to verify the authenticity of your activities.

FlexePIN industry portfolio

You can mainly find FlexePIN payments across online casinos and betting sites. It's also available in the e-shopping, financial and gaming industry. Its most significant presence in Canada is in the offshore-licensed gambling industry, but it takes a backseat to eVoucher and Neosurf, which are better FlexePIN alternatives.   

Software servicesYes

Furthermore, with its recent entry into the cryptocurrency market, you can use FlexePIN vouchers to buy crypto coins at select wallets. It's a good development, matching the eVoucher, which also allows you to purchase crypto on


FlexePIN gives you privacy but does this at the expense of your convenience. Purchasing from a store is as easy as entering and picking up a Flexepin voucher. However, you have to go through the Flexepin site to online resellers. Furthermore, as a Canadian user, you can only access these from Topmeup and Dundle. 

There are, however, more convenient and available prepaid vouchers in Canada. One of FlexePIN's key alternatives is CashtoCode eVoucher. It also maintains optimum privacy, as you need just your code to transact. Likewise, you can access this code on up to six online resellers and best of all, you can access these resellers from any merchant site you're logged on and save money on fees.


Can I pay anonymously with FlexePIN?

Yes, You can use Flexepin to send money anonymously. All you need is your eVoucher code. You can get this from a local retailer or an online reseller. 

Can I send money with FlexePIN discreetly?

Yes, Flexepin allows you to make anonymous deposits. Your payment is successful once you fill in the eVoucher code on the merchant site. You won't have to provide information about yourself or your bank account.

What are the best alternatives of FlexePIN?

CashtoCode remains one of the best alternatives to FlexePIN. It costs you less fees, partners with multiple resellers and is more available on merchant sites.

What is a better alternative of FlexePIN?

Regarding confidentiality, prepaid vouchers are at the top of the list for payment methods. Neosurf is a good alternative to Flexepin. However, CashtoCode eVoucher is a more standard option and a better alternative to Flexepin.

What is a cheaper alternative of FlexePIN?

Both payment methods charge you some fulfilment fees when funding your account. However, FlexePIN also requires a $2.5 maintenance fee on passing the “Use by” date and an $18 redemption fee. Hence, we advise using CashtoCode eVoucher as resellers offer flat and variable costs, of which you decide which suits you. Besides, these are the only fees you pay with FlexePIN.

Is there a free service like FlexePIN?

No, there are no zero-fee payment solutions. FlexePIN requires you to purchase the PIN with a minimal fulfillment fee. It's similar to CashtoCode, however, you can always compare what resellers offer to find a cheaper alternative to FlexePIN.

Can I pay with FlexePIN without an account?

Yes, with Flexepin, you can pay without registering an account. There’s no need to disclose private information before submitting a payment. All that you need to redeem your discount is a 16-digit code.

Can I send money with FlexePIN with no registration?

Yes, you can send money with Flexepin without registering. All you need to send money is your 16-digit code purchased from your local retailer or an online reseller.

Can I receive money to FlexePIN anonymously?

You cannot receive money via Flexepin, as it's only available for deposits. However, you can process voucher refunds into your bank account.

Do I need to pay to use FlexePIN?

There are no additional charges when buying from physical retail merchants. However, you may be required to pay an additional fulfillment cost when purchasing from an online store.

How much fees apply to using FlexePIN?

FlexePIN charges you a small fulfillment fee when purchasing your voucher. However, you incur more charges when your voucher remains unused 12 months after purchase. You incur a monthly $2.5 maintenance fee and $18 for requesting a refund after the Use By date.

Can I use FlexePIN at online casinos?

Yes, Flexepin is available at online casinos that operate with offshore licenses. These are casinos holding international licenses from Curacao and Malta. It's, however, rare in casinos operating with local permits, such as those within the iGaming Ontario system.

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