CashtoCode eVoucher as an alternative to Jeton

Jeton and JetonCash together give you a lot of flexibility and options when paying online. They work differently, but they are part of the same company. One is an e-wallet and the other is a prepaid card which you can purchase online.

They have their similarities and their differences which should guide you to the one that’s right for your specific situation. Here, we compare both of them with CashtoCode eVoucher to see if it’s a better alternative.

eVoucher compared to Jeton

Jeton requires you to register before you can make payments. You must provide your phone number, home address and ID verification. By the time you're done registering, you share all personal information. The JetonCash prepaid voucher does an excellent job of making discreet transactions. You can purchase it from online retailers and all you need to make deposits is the 19-digit PIN.

JetonCash is impressive and works just like CashtoCode eVoucher.

Type of methodPrepaid voucherPrepaid voucher, e-wallet 
Personal information NoNo, Yes (e-wallet)
Account requirementNoYes (e-wallet)
Fund/purchase method Cards, e-wallets, crypto, online banking Cards, e-wallets, crypto, online banking
Maintenance feesNoNo

Jeton's e-wallet helps protect your bank details but this doesn't totally keep you anonymous. You must still open and verify your account. JetonCash, on the other hand, works the same way as CashtoCode eVoucher and requires no personal information whatsoever.

How does Jeton work?

The Jeton e-wallet gives you more flexibility, whereas JetonCash gives you the privacy you might need when paying online. They have different fee structures and they also have different partner networks. This means that not every Jeton partner is a JetonCash partner too.

1Jeton lets you pay with an e-wallet or its JetonCash prepaid voucher. 
2You must create an account to use its e-wallet option.
3You can purchase a JetonCard online.
4The e-wallet charges deposit and withdrawal fees. The prepaid voucher option charges for conversion fees.
5You can withdraw with Jeton e-wallet.
6Jeton prepaid voucher charges commission and currency conversion fees.

As JetonCash is sold in EUR and unavailable in CAD, you get to pay higher charges when purchasing in your local currency. This is because currency conversion fees are included in your purchase. eVoucher is a cheaper alternative to JetonCash and doesn't charge you such fees as it’s vouchers are available in CAD. Other reliable competitors to Jeton, include Paysafecard, Astropay, Flexepin and eVoucher.

Inactivity period

Jeton e-wallet doesn’t have any inactivity fees and the JetonCash prepaid voucher has a 12-month validity period. It doesn’t have any renewal or maintenance fees.

Information required for Jeton transactions

Jeton requires registering an account before making any payments. You share your personal information such as your address, your phone number and the payment details of your funding payment method. You don't disclose these details when making payments at merchant sites. The prepaid voucher is more secure as you don't have to create an account.

Phone numberNo, yes(e-wallet)
AddressNo, yes(e-wallet)
Card detailsNo
Bank account No
KYCOn demand

JetonCash offers more secure online payments. As you’re not sharing any information, it’s the recommended option if you want to make discreet payments. If this is what you want you can consider CashtoCode eVoucher as an alternative payment method.

Can you pay anonymously with Jeton?

While no transactions are 100% anonymous, JetonCash as a prepaid voucher enables you to pay discreetly. The only payment information you share with merchants is the voucher code. If you purchase the vouchers with a debit or a credit card, this charge appears on your bank statement. However, where you use the voucher is completely discreet and isn’t displayed anywhere.

On the other hand, the Jeton e-wallet requires information almost equivalent to a KYC. You can receive money from the e-wallet which puts it in a whole different category of payment methods. 


You pay a couple of fees in the process of paying with Jeton. The site offers multiple deposit options but charges you a 2% fee when you deposit via Flexepin. This is just one of the required payments, as you must also pay transaction and withdrawal fees.

Registration No
Transaction Yes (e-wallet) – 2, 2.5% transfer fees
Currency conversionYes
WithdrawingYes – 1% (cryptocurrency)
Inactivity No

You pay less fees when using JetonCash, as you’re paying the resellers’ fulfillment fee and any potential conversion fees if you’re not paying with any of the accepted currencies. eVoucher is a cheaper alternative to JetonCash as you pay only the commission fees to resellers. It’s even better for you as you can choose from up to six online retailers in Canada. The least charge is Topmeup, which is as low as 4.95%. ReloadHero charges flat 6%.


Jeton e-wallet has thresholds for deposits, withdrawals and transfers on its site. However, there's no detailed information on how much your e-wallet can hold.

Regarding the JetonCash voucher, all popular resellers have a $100 limit. 

Description Amount
FundingUp to $250,000
Withdrawing Up to $15,000

CashtoCode eVoucher is a better alternative to JetonCash as it offers a limit of $1,500. The best part is you can always purchase a new voucher if the value of your voucher gets exhausted. It’s very convenient.


Jeton e-wallet holds a certification from the International Cyber Security Standards and the UKAS Management Systems. These are reliable cyber-security companies. You can further strengthen your protection by setting up its 2-factor verification process. 

Company nameLA Orange GE LLC
Publicly tradedNo
Canada launch 2017
Security protocol KYC, SSL

You must follow these precautionary steps if you use Jeton e-wallet. The prepaid voucher comes with a few security requirements. However, our utmost security tip is always to safeguard your JetonCash PIN.

Customer support

Whenever you need help or assistance, you can access a live chat or drop a message for support. Surprisingly, Jeton had no email or phone support option.

Live chatYes
FAQ support center Yes

The FAQ section is quite comprehensive, covering topics from how to get started to questions about the JetonCash card. It also has a recent activities bar for quick access to questions you've already viewed.

Jeton industry portfolio

Since its debut into the online payments industry, Jeton has steadily become a reliable payment solution in other sectors. You can find it in business, retail, e-commerce, forex and the online gambling industry. It continues to expand, but is equally matched by eVoucher, a prominent online casino Jeton alternative.

Software services Yes 

You can also use your Jeton to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency. Unsurprisingly, the crypto industry is becoming more intertwined with regular payment solutions. CashtoCode eVoucher also offers a similar option via where you can purchase Bitcoin.


Jeton keeps gaining ground in the booming online payments industry. With the combination of its e-wallet and prepaid voucher, you get seamless payments with no hurdles. The only disadvantage of CashtoCode eVoucher is its growing partner network. JetonCash has a much better partner portfolio. Nevertheless, if the merchant you want to pay online takes JetonCash and CashtoCode eVoucher, the latter is a better option due to the simpler fee structure which is also more cost-efficient. 


Can I pay anonymously with Jeton?

Yes, you can pay anonymously with the JetonCash prepaid voucher. You must only fill in your 19-digit voucher code on a merchant site to make payments.

What is a better alternative of Jeton?

Jeton has alternatives, such as Flexepin, Paysafecard, Astropay, Neosurf. eVoucher is a better Jeton alternative as it is easier to access in Canada and requires lesser commission fees. 

What is a cheaper alternative of Jeton?

Jeton charges you fees on your deposits, withdrawals and transfers. eVoucher, on the other hand, requires you to pay only a small commission to resellers. 

Can I pay with Jeton without an account?

Yes, you can. However, you can only get this benefit using the prepaid voucher. The Jeton e-wallet requires you to register an account while the prepaid voucher needs only your email to receive voucher PIN.

Can I send money with Jeton with no registration?

Yes, but only if you use the prepaid voucher option. You must register with the e-wallet before using it.

Can I receive money to Jeton anonymously?

No you can't. The e-wallet option lets you receive funds, but not anonymously. All your transactions are recorded since you registered your e-wallet account with personal details.

Can I use Jeton at online casinos?

Yes, you can use Jeton to pay at online casinos. However, it’s more accepted at casinos holding offshore licenses. 

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