CashtoCode eVoucher as an alternative to Payz

Payz debuted in 2000 as ecoCard, before rebranding to ecoPayz in 2013 and relaunching to Payz in 2023. As an e-wallet, it requires personal and payment information meaning if you want to make more discreet online payments the CashtoCode eVoucher has already won.

Here’s everything you need to know about ecoPayz, or now known as Payz and why CashtoCode eVoucher is its direct discreet alternative.

CashtoCode eVoucher compared to Payz

Payz gives you the full convenience of sending money, paying online and receiving money as any other e-wallet. As receiving money is regulated by financial institutions, you need to share basically all of your personal information when setting up an account.

DescriptionCashtoCode eVoucherPayz
Type of methodPrepaid vouchere-wallet
Personal informationNoYes
Account requirementNoYes
Fund/purchase methodCards, e-wallets, crypto, online bankingCards, e-wallets, crypto, online banking
Maintenance feesNoYes

The only area where CashtoCode eVoucher prevails is privacy when paying online. You only share your email address with the reseller to instantly receive your 20-character CashtoCode PIN.

How does Payz work?

Unlike its prepaid counterpart ecoVoucher, Payz is available in many more currencies. You can fund your Payz account with ecoVoucher or with any conventional payment method, such as cards or online banking. 

1Payz is an e-wallet payment method available in up to 173 countries and 50 currencies 
2Payz requires you to create an account to access its benefits and categorizes users into levels.
3Benefits vary depending on your level. Users on higher levels have increased transaction limits.
4Payz offers a physical and virtual Payz MasterCard.
5You can fund your Payz account using prepaid vouchers, including eVouchers.
6Payz charges deposit, withdrawal, currency conversion and inactivity fees. 

Astropay, Paysafecard and Mifinity are direct competitors to Payz as they offer e-wallet services. However, Payz is more globally accepted, though not to the level of Neteller and Skrill. Apart from the fact it’s been around since 2000, it’s also expanded to several continents and currencies, hence, reducing the need to convert your funds. 

Inactivity period

Your Payz account becomes inactive when you’ve not made any incoming or outgoing transactions in the past six months. You're charged a fee of $2.20 monthly until you're active or your balance gets exhausted. You can, however, avoid these fees by staying active.

Information required for Payz transactions

Payz requests your personal information from the moment of signing up. This is to verify that you're the one managing your account and receiving funds. You must provide information including a username, email, name and residential address.

Phone numberYes
Card detailsNo
Bank accountNo
KYCOn demand

You start with a Classic account. However, this restricts your deposit limit and you must verify your identity to access more limits and functions. You must provide additional identification documents before you can benefit from higher limits.

Can you pay anonymously with Payz?

No, you can’t pay with Payz and not share your personal information. Although Payz is secure, your transactions are recorded. Hence, there’s no option of paying discreetly.

Your best bet if you want more private transactions is CashtoCode eVoucher. With it, when paying you only share the 20-character PIN code. Also, you don’t have to register during to purchase CashtoCode eVoucher PINs.


Payz e-wallet charges you deposit, withdrawal and inactivity fees. The deposit fee varies depending on your payment method. You pay between 0% and 10% for bank wire deposits, while credit card deposits are between 1.69-6.00% + 0.37 CAD.

Currency conversionYes – up to 2.99%
WithdrawingYes – up to $14.69
InactivityYes – $2.20 monthly after six months

Withdrawal fees are based on your account levels. At the Silver level, you pay between $8.67-$14.69, while you pay $4.26 – $10.28 at the VIP level.

With CashtoCode eVoucher, you’re only paying the resellers’ fulfillment fee which starts as low as 4.75%.


Payz e-wallet limits how much money you can have at a time based on your account level. The Classic account level uses a total lifetime limit of $2,500, while other levels don't have limits. 

It also limits how much you can transfer in a day. This can range from $1,468.98 for the Classic level to $44,069.40 for the VIP level. This is perfect for your large money transactions.

TransactionsUp to $44,069.40

If you don’t mind verifying your account with Payz, it can be a very flexible payment solution. However, if you don’t want to share any personal information, the CashtoCode eVoucher lets you pay up to $1,500 per transaction by combining up to six different vouchers.


Payz offers two-factor authentication and employs cutting-edge security measures to prevent unauthorized access to its computer systems. It's regulated under the UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and is a principal member of Mastercard International Incorporated. 

Company namePSI-Pay Ltd
Publicly tradedNo
Canada launch2000
Security ProtocolsKYC, SSL

It's up to you to always keep your username and password safe. It’s also better to take advantage of the site’s two-factor authentication and use a strong password.

Customer support

You can visit the help section within the menu for any clarifications. There's a contact form section that provides you with direct access to contact customer care.

Live chatNo
FAQ support centerYes

You can also find a detailed FAQ section on its site. Questions are organized into Business, Merchant and Affiliate subsections and accompanied by clear answers.

Payz industry portfolio

Payz is well-known in E-commerce and retail but has become one of the most effective e-wallets in the online gambling industry. Due to its wide availability in the iGaming industry, it has also received the Best Payment Solutions award at the Global Gaming Awards.

Software servicesYes

You can also use Payz to purchase crypto at exchanges, including Paxful and LocalCoinSwap. You also enjoy use CashtoCode eVoucher to buy crypto, which is accepted at


However, the fees and the transaction limits based on your account level can be discouraging. To avoid these hurdles, CashtoCode eVoucher is a better alternative to EcoPayz. It's a cheaper alternative and doesn't limit how much you can pay, even when using it for the first time. Most importantly, you're safe from privacy breaches as you never have to reveal your personal or bank details with eVoucher.


Can I pay anonymously with Payz?

No, you can't carry out anonymous transactions using Payz. You must provide your e-wallet details at any merchant sites from which you're depositing or withdrawing.  

Can I send money with Payz discreetly?

No, you can't send money with Payz discreetly. Payz is an e-wallet and it records a history of all your online transactions. eVoucher is an ideal payment solution if you want to make discreet payments.

What are the best alternatives of Payz?

You can use Paysafecard, Astropay, Neosurf or eVoucher as alternatives to Payz. Of all these options, eVoucher costs you less fees and is available at multiple resellers.

What is a cheaper alternative of Payz?

You can avoid paying deposit, conversion and maintenance fees when you use eVoucher. It’s a cheaper alternative to Payz and you only pay small fulfillment fees to the online resellers.

Is there a free service like Payz?

No, you can’t find a free payment service. There’s usually a charge you’re paying for. The best you can get are cheaper alternatives to Payz, which charge less. 

Can I pay with Payz without an account?

No, you can't. Payz, as an e-wallet payment option, requires you to create an account before using it. However, eVoucher allows you to make payments without you creating an account. 

Can I send money with Payz with no registration?

No, you can't. Creating an account is the only way you can access this payment option.

Can I receive money to Payz anonymously?

Payz accepts withdrawals. However, just like a bank, it records all your transactions. It’s only different from a bank account as it protects you from providing your bank details online.

Do I need to pay to use Payz?

Yes, you must pay to make use of your Payz account. Your deposits are charged based on your selected payment method and account tier. You must also pay when making withdrawals via Payz and converting your funds to another currency.

How much fees apply to using Payz?

Payz has different fees for different transactions on its platform. You pay extra funds on your deposits and your withdrawals. You're also charged based on your account level. The highest charge is 2.99% currency conversion fee, while the lowest is 1.25%. If your account is inactive for six months, you also get charged an inactivity fee of $2.20.

Can I use Payz at online casinos?

Yes, Payz is accepted at several online casinos in Canada. You can use it at mostly international offshore casinos operating outside Canada. 

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