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Making discreet online payments is becoming harder as more rules are imposed on payment providers. However, besides cash as a method of discreet payment in person, there are discreet online options too. While they are not classified as entirely secret online payments, you are sharing only the bare minimum of information. We recommend CashtoCode eVoucher where available.

Note, there are no transactions show on your bank statement.

Details required for online payments

Most payment providers like e-wallets, online banking, cards and crypto require a great deal of personal and payment details. Depending on the amount transferred, e-wallets may require a full KYC procedure too.

Personal detailsPayment details
First nameBank name
Last nameBank account number
EmailCard details (if bank issued)
AddressPayment account (eg. wallets)
Date of birth 
ID number 

Unlike the other payment methods, prepaid vouchers are discreet and require only an email address. The purpose of the email is solely for receiving the code or the bar code.

What information do payment providers require?

Here’s a full overview of what information all payment method types require to process your transaction.

Payment methodPersonal detailsBank details
CashtoCode eVoucherEmail onlyNo
Online bankingYesYes

Without a doubt, if you want to make discreet payments online, it’s best to go with prepaid vouchers like CashtoCode eVoucher. You’re not providing any information to the merchant and you only need to provide your email to which you receive the 20-character code.

eVoucher – Our payment solution for discreet payments

The eVoucher payment solution enables you to pay online discreetly between $1 and $1,500. Canadian dollars are accepted and there are no conversion fees if you are paying in CAD.

Information requiredEmail
Limits$1 – $1,500
Payment timeInstant

The payment time is instant. Upon completion of the transaction, the remainder of the funds is still available on your 20-character PIN code. No other information is required and no payment account is required. You can purchase eVoucher codes from many online resellers which take a variety of payment methods including cards, e-wallets, online banking and crypto.

Why do payment providers require so much information?

Online payment providers don’t ask for all this information because of their personal benefit. Instead, they must do this because of the law and payment regulations. As a rule of thumb, payment methods which can’t receive money are less scrutinized with detailed verification checks – that’s just what CashtoCode eVoucher is.

There are three main reasons why all financial service providers require personal and payment method information.

  • Legal – to have access to the market granted by the authorities payment providers are required to disclose all details of their customers, should it be necessary. There are regular audits to ensure they adhere all the regulation. Failure to comply means shutting their operations down and if any licenses were issued all are revoked. From a legal standpoint, the authorities want to know where the money is going mainly for tax purposes.
  • Security – there’s information that’s required solely for security reasons. The payment provider must protect the interest of their customers, but their own too. The more details are required, the less likely is that a customer will resort to malicious activities or transferring funds to and from a suspicious entity.
  • Fraud prevention – this is mostly the case with cards of any kind. However, there have been cases where e-wallet or online banking users fall victim to frauds. Features like two-factor authentication or even simple security questions help prevent frauds. Again, the more details are required to process a transactions, the less likely that a perpetrator commits fraud.

The trend shows that there will be more rules added over time, completely removing the option for discreet online payments.

The best discreet payment method are prepaid vouchers

If you don’t want to disclose a lot of personal information, your best option for online payments are prepaid vouchers. You don’t have to worry about security, or that your privacy is in any way affected. The transactions don’t show up on your bank statement, regardless to whom you’re paying. You can always get another voucher if required.


What is the best discreet online payment method?

The best type of discreet online payment method are prepaid vouchers as they don’t require any personal details shared. You are completing the transaction instantly and discreetly without sharing anything about you. In addition, the transaction is not included in your bank statement.

Can I make discreet online payments?

Yes, you can pay online discreetly with the use of prepaid vouchers. You only need to provide the prepaid voucher code to the merchant. There’s no transaction shown on your bank statement because you haven’t used your card directly.

How can I pay online discreetly?

Prepaid vouchers are a great way of paying online discreetly. All you need to provide to the voucher reseller is your email so you can have your code delivered. You can purchase prepaid vouchers with cards, e-wallets, online banking or even crypto currency.

Why I can’t pay online discreetly?

Online payments require a personal and payment details to minimize security and fraud concerns. There are also legal reasons which require payment providers to request personal and payment details. The tax authorities also want to know where the money is going so they can charge tax accordingly.

Is there a way of paying online secretly?

Secret online payments, or also known as discreet payments are possible with prepaid vouchers. While the merchant will know which account receives the money is credited to, the transaction is not shown on your bank statement. This is as secret online payments can get.

How to pay online discreetly?

You can pay discreetly online by purchasing prepaid vouchers and then providing the voucher code to the merchant. Make sure the merchant is verified partner of the prepaid voucher. A great option and one we recommend is CashtoCode eVoucher.

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