CashtoCode eVoucher as alternative to PayPal

PayPal is one of the world’s most popular payment providers, second to VISA and MasterCard only. It’s doing a lot of things very well, but at a high price – including both fees and your privacy. If you value your privacy and you want to save on unplanned fees, a great PayPal alternative is the eVoucher.

Here’s how the eVoucher compares to PayPal and find out if it’s an adequate payment alternative of PayPal for more discreet online payments.

eVoucher compared to PayPal

The only similarity PayPal and eVoucher have is the ability to pay online – but that’s where it stops. PayPal increasingly requires more information as you send or receive larger amounts of money. In addition, they have a very complex fee structure. If it includes more parameters, it will cost you more.

Type of methodPrepaid voucherE-wallet
Personal informationNoYes
Account requirementNoYes
Fund/purchase methodCards, e-wallets, crypto, online bankingCards, bank transfer
Maintenance feesNoYes

PayPal is the opposite of eVoucher in terms of privacy and discreetness. However, it has its pros which eVoucher simply cannot if you plan on using PayPal to receive money.

How does PayPal work?

PayPal has been around for more than two decades. It’s highly unlikely you haven’t heard of the name and how safe PayPal transactions are. For those of you that are not familiar with the business model, here’s more information on how it works – before we go deeper into the eVoucher and PayPal comparison.

1PayPal is one of the world’s most popular e-wallets.
2PayPal is an e-wallet that requires registration and your personal details.
3You need to deposit money in it or connect it to your card before you can make online payments.
4Any money you deposit to your account or you receive is stored in your wallet
5Money can be sent or received with the use of your email address.
6There are transaction, account and maintenance fees involved.

PayPal has other direct competitors, like Skrill and Neteller for example. Nevertheless, it stands out with its security measures in place. It is the go-to payment method for online businesses due to their refund policy.

Inactivity period

There is a 12-month inactivity period, beyond which accounts are charged $20 every year. Accounts are charged $20 every year if there’s money available. To avoid this, all you have to do is log in and make any sort of payment.

This inactivity policy does not apply to residents of Alberta if they have at least $250 CAD and have been inactive for less than five years. Residents of other provinces are all subject to the PayPal inactivity fee.

Information required for PayPal transactions

To maintain high security level PayPal requires quite a lot of personal information. In addition, if your cumulative transactions reach a certain threshold, PayPal may demand additional bank information.

Phone numberOptional
Card detailsYes
Bank accountOn demand
KYCOn demand

You are using your email most of the time. You are sharing it with people who are sending you money or when you pay merchants online. If you plan on using PayPal frequently and for a long time, it’s highly likely you with have to provide full bank and personal details.

Can you pay anonymously with PayPal?

The answer is no, you can’t with PayPal anonymously. There is always some trace left behind. However, most of the time you are sharing your email only. If any authority for whatever reason wants to trace the transaction or the account, they can find who the owner is.

If you opt for CashtoCode eVoucher, you are sharing only the confirmation that you indeed have enough funds on your PIN voucher to cover the transaction. You have purchased the code with your email which the online merchant does not have.


PayPal has a rather complicated fee structure. It goes beyond transactions and covers aspects like inactivity, currency conversion and account admin fees.

TransactionYes – 1.90% + $0.30
Currency conversionYes – 3.5% to 4.5%
WithdrawingYes – 1.75%
InactivityYes – $20 after 12 months

When you use eVoucher, you only pay a small fulfillment fee when you purchase the PIN code voucher. There are no currency conversion fees if you are purchasing the code from a reseller that support CAD payments.


PayPal offers quite flexible limits, especially the transaction one. However, we can’t say the same thing about the withdrawing limit.

TransactionsUp to $60,000
FundingNo limit
WithdrawingUp to $5,000

With CashtoCode eVoucher, you can pay between $1 and $1,500 in a single transaction. Other than that, there are no other limits whatsoever. You can repeat this as many times as you like. You can’t withdraw to eVoucher.


It is as popular in the financial world as it is in the online retail. PayPal is as secure as one online payment provider can be.

Company namePayPal Holdings, Inc.
Publicly tradedYes – NASDAQ: PYPL
Canada launch2006
Security protocolsKYC, SSL, Two-factor authentication

PayPal has been around for more than two decades and it’s going strong. What started out as a proprietary payment solution for eBay is now a safe and reliable payment solution for online businesses worldwide.

It’s listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and goes under the code PYPL. It first started processing payments in Canada back in 2006.

Customer support

In case things don’t go as planned, you should check out PayPal’s detailed help center. All queries are neatly organized allowing for easy navigation.

Live chatYes
FAQ support centerYes

If you can’t find the solution to the query in the FAQ help center, you can reach out to PayPal by phone or live chat. PayPal is too big to have one email for all queries. They have a ticket query customer service system.

PayPal industry portfolio

PayPal is available across all markets and industries. They clearly dominate retail sales, but they don’t have a big market presence in the gambling industry, which they prefer for the time being. There are way more CashtoCode eVoucher casinos in Canada then there are PayPal casinos.

Software servicesYes

If you want to buy VPN or a filesharing premium account, there’s a chance PayPal is not accepted, but if you are going for something more popular PayPal should be available in the cashier.

Lastly, PayPal is partnered only with the biggest names in the Crypto industry such as exchange and Coinbase.


PayPal is a versatile payment method that has flexible limits and wide coverage in the online retail industry. However, the associated fees might discourage customers who rely on online transactions. In addition, you must share all your personal details with PayPal if you want to take advantage of the flexible transaction limits. Anonymous or discreet payments are not possible.

Their security protocols are adequate, but you still don’t have the privacy you might want.

If you want to make a discreet online payment without sharing any personal or bank details with anyone, eVoucher is the recommended payment option.

Can I pay anonymously with PayPal?

No, you can’t pay with PayPal anonymously. You need to open a PayPal account before you can make any transactions. To do this, you have to provide a lot of personal details and eventually you are required to provide bank details as part of their KYC procedure.

Can I send money with PayPal discreetly?

No, you can’t send money with PayPal discreetly or secretly. All transactions are coming out of your account, which holds all your personal and at times your bank details too. However, businesses or people you are paying only see your email.

What are the best alternatives of PayPal?

If you want to make casual and discreet payments, we recommend using vouchers and prepaid cards. Due to how it works, we recommend CashtoCode eVoucher for discreet online payments.

What is a better alternative of PayPal?

PayPal is versatile and you can use it privately and for your business. If you are using it as an individual, you can opt for another e-wallet like Mifinity, Venmo or Skrill. As a company, you can go for Stripe or Skrill. If you value your privacy, CashtoCode eVoucher or another prepaid method are recommended.

What is a cheaper alternative of PayPal?

It depends on the nature of the transaction. If it includes currency conversion the fees are exorbitant. If it’s a one-off transaction you should just do a bank transfer. If you are looking for a cheaper discreet payment solution, try CashtoCode eVoucher.

Is there a free service like PayPal?

Unfortunately, no there aren’t any free online payment services. Even when you are not subjected to any fees, it’s highly likely that the merchant is incurring a charge. This charge is usually absorbed by a price increase.

Can I pay with PayPal without an account?

No, you can’t use PayPal without an account. You must register and provide the basic personal details to make a PayPal payment. There are no account payment providers but they take the form of vouchers and prepaid cards.

Can I send money with PayPal with no registration?

No, to use PayPal you must register. The transactions are processed via your email. You must first fund your PayPal wallet, or connect a bank card with PayPal. To do this, an account is required.

Can I receive money to PayPal anonymously?

You can receive money to PayPal, but not anonymously. All transaction are tracked, similar to what banks are doing. However, instead of sharing your name when making online payments, you share your email with merchants.

Do I need to pay to use PayPal?

Yes, you must have funds in your PayPal wallet, or you must connect another payment method – in this case you are using PayPal only as an intermediary. This adds more fees to the transaction charge.

How much fees apply to using PayPal?

There are different categories of PayPal fees. There’s the usual transaction fee which is based on a percentage of the transaction amount plus the fixed fee. There’s also an inactivity fee which gets triggered after 12 months of no activity. Lastly, the currency conversion fees are rather high compared to other payment providers. PayPal can get away with this due to how user-friendly it is.

Can I use PayPal at online casinos?

Yes, you can use PayPal at online casinos that hold a local license. Online casinos with international licenses can’t take PayPal deposits under any circumstances. If you want to play with real money at online casinos with international licenses, we recommend CashtoCode eVoucher.

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