CashtoCode eVoucher as an alternative to MiFinity

MiFinity launched its services in 2002 and has expanded to more than 170 countries. It offers both an e-wallet and an eVoucher. The e-wallet is MiFinity's flagship product, allowing you to send, receive money and make online purchases anywhere in the world. 

Its prepaid voucher can be used at more than 500 different online merchants. However, you only find this at some payment outlets. A more available option is CashtoCode eVoucher, a key alternative to Mifinity, which ensures more privacy and is a cheaper option. More factors make the eVoucher a better payment solution to Mifinity, which have discuss below.

CashtoCode eVoucher compared to MiFinity

Although MiFinity is well-optimized for online payments, it lacks some key features common to the eVoucher. MiFinity is primarily an e-wallet prepaid payment option that requires creating an account on its site. This is, in itself, a potential privacy concern. Furthermore, you're required to verify your identity before an e-wallet account is created. 

eVoucher combines keeping you anonymous with quick access to purchasing its eVoucher. Once you visit the MiFinity site, you can find the resellers online or buy its eVoucher directly from local retailers and merchant sites without the hassles of creating an account. 

The only common ground MiFinity has with eVoucher is you can purchase its eVoucher option at online retailer sites. Both are available at online retailers like Dundle, OffGamers and Reload Hero. They also both require emails to receive your 20-digit voucher pins. 

DescriptionCashtoCode eVoucherMiFinity
Type of methodPrepaid voucherPrepaid voucher, e-wallet
Personal informationNoYes (e-wallet)
Account requirementNoYes (e-wallet)
Fund/purchase methodCards, e-wallets, crypto, online bankingCards, e-wallets, crypto, online banking
Maintenance feesNoYes

MiFinity's e-wallet places it in competition with brands like Paysafecard. With it, you can keep your transactions safe from your bank. It loses its appeal, though of being completely discreet, because you must set up an account and verify your identity. 

Although it has an eVoucher option, its e-wallet overcomplicates things, making CashtoCode eVoucher a better alternative to MiFinity. 

How does MiFinity work?

MiFinity offers an e-wallet and eVoucher option. This may be appealing to you if you enjoy the idea of combining the two. Likewise, you can use it to pay for goods and services in a wide range of industries. This ranges from e-commerce websites to online casinos and sportsbooks. However, users who value simplicity and an anonymous payment status can quickly find MiFinity tedious.

1MiFinity offers an e-wallet and eVoucher option
2It offers its services in several online industries with anonymous transactions 
3MiFinity has numerous resellers of its vouchers online and offline.
4It's e-wallet option provides deposit and withdrawal options
5MiFinity requires maintenance fees for its e-wallet if inactive 
6MiFinity e-wallet requires account creation and identity verification. 

While Mifinity's eVoucher is an innovative addition to its payment solution, there are other good alternatives like Paysafecard, Astropay, Flexepin and eVoucher. Out of all, eVoucher is a more user friendly and accessible alternative to MiFinity. 

Voucher expiration period

MiFinity PINs expire after 12 months of inactivity. Any amount left is forfeited. Hence, there's no chance of redeeming it or extending it. You lose all the amount on the voucher automatically. Its e-wallet option is slightly different. Your balance never expires. No maintenance fees are charged if you use it actively within 12 months. However, being inactive for 12 months means you're debited $1 monthly until you become active again or your balance is exhausted. 

Information required for MiFinity transactions

MiFinity has a well-structured partnership with global resellers of its eVoucher. You can find a list of some of them on its site. You can also use the eVoucher to top up your e-wallet. However, MiFinity's e-wallet is where your identity risks being compromised. You must create an account and verify your identity before registering. Though beneficial, this feature doesn’t give adequate privacy. 

EmailYes (e-wallet)
Phone numberYes (e-wallet)
AddressYes (e-wallet)
Card detailsNo
Bank accountNo
KYCOn demand

Depending on your deposit option, you may be charged additional fees when purchasing on the MiFinity site. Cryptocurrency mode of deposit, for example, charges 1.8% transactional fees, while MasterCard Non-EEA charges 2.5%. The CashtoCode eVoucher PINs, on the other hand, are accepted at a long range of legitimate online casinos. You can expect a set price when dealing with an online retailer. However, if a website you want to buy from doesn't offer CAD, you have to pay conversion fees. This varies widely from one vendor to the next.

Can you pay anonymously with MiFinity?

Yes, you can pay with MiFinity without disclosing your details when you use its eVoucher option, as you only need your 20-digit voucher PIN. Where things are different is with its e-wallet option. You must provide your username and password when making payments online. Still, your identity remains anonymous. 


MiFinity doesn't charge you any fees on your eVoucher if used within 12 months. However, you forfeit your eVoucher balance if you don't use it within 12 months. There is no option of paying maintenance fees or reactivation fees. 

You incur deposit and withdrawal fees on its e-wallet, listed on the Mifinity website. Likewise, once you're inactive for 12 months, a $1 maintenance fee is charged to your account monthly till your balance gets exhausted. 

RegistrationYes (e-wallet)
Currency conversionYes
InactivityYes – $1 after 12 months

You're charged a modest fulfillment fee when you purchase a MiFinity eVoucher online. CashtoCode eVoucher works in the same way. However, the cost changes according to who you buy it from. Even though MiFinity mentions its online resellers, you may need to register with some before purchasing. Surprisingly, you're also charged fees when depositing into its e-wallet option. Although it varies depending on your options, there's no escaping the fulfillment fees.

You only pay commission fees with eVoucher. When you purchase from resellers like Topmeup and Reload Hero, you part with a little fee. Topmeup's rates are between 4.95% and 14.75%, while Reload Hero's are 6%. Similarly, there's hardly any need to convert your funds since many resellers accept CAD payments.


Different websites where MiFinity is a payment option set their payment limits. Furthermore, there's no information as to whether you can combine eVouchers. We checked reseller sites and found the highest eVoucher option to be $250. This was on Coinsbee, with popular resellers like Dundle having a max of $100.

As for the e-wallet option, your verification status determines your limit. You're limited to $150 if you're unverified. Verifying your account increases this amount to $20,000, while a VIP account qualifies for the maximum limit.

TransactionsUp to $250
FundingNo limit
WithdrawingBased on VIP level

Fortunately, CashtoCode eVoucher is a better alternative to MiFinity as it has a spelt-out limit of $1,500 per transaction. As such, it can serve as a suitable substitute for MiFinity. Both prepaid vouchers can't receive funds. This is an area where Mifinity's e-wallet has some dominance.


MiFinity's systems are regularly audited and secure since they conform to PCI DSS Service Level 1 standards. When purchasing the eVoucher online, you’re not required to enter any payment or personal information. 

You should exercise extra caution with the e-wallet as it contains personal data like your phone number and address.

Company nameMiFinity UK Limited
Publicly tradedNo
Canada launch2002
Security protocolsKYC, SSL

MiFinity uses cutting-edge firewall technology to safeguard its computer networks. A valid username/email address and password are required to access its encrypted e-wallet. Following the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), MiFinity has implemented Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). To curb fraud and strengthen the safety of online transactions, the European Union has mandated this new criterion. 

However, regarding the eVoucher, you must keep your MiFinity PIN secure. Ensure you don't send it over email, text or any similar method.

Customer support

You can access a chatbot with an option to leave a message for human operators. MiFinity has an exhaustive FAQ section with no customer care phone call option.

Live chatYes
FAQ support centerYes

MiFinity has an extensive FAQ section covering issues like its e-wallet, payments and account creation. However, you can always use the “submit a request” tab if you want assistance from customer support agents.

MiFinity industry portfolio

MiFinity is rapidly expanding, making it one of the fastest-growing in an industry like iGaming. Its eVoucher resellers base is increasing and has the attention of industry heavyweights like Betsson, GGPoker, and iBet. To meet the needs of their players, operators have integrated MiFinity's unique products, including the eVoucher and e-wallet.

Software servicesYes

A small number of cryptocurrency markets, including Cryptopay already allow MiFinity customers to exchange fiat for crypto coins or Bitcoin for cash. This is comparable to the eVoucher, which is also available at for your Bitcoin and crypto coin purchases.


The MiFinity prepaid voucher ensures that your online purchases are made in complete secrecy. There’s, however, less privacy with its e-wallet, as creating an account is the first step to fully utilizing this helpful function.

However, we recommend CashtoCode eVoucher as the best alternative to MiFinity, especially for private financial dealings. You can bypass the registration step and purchase instantly to fund your account. Using eVouchers is also a great way to save cash on fees.


Can I pay anonymously with MiFinity?

Yes, all MiFinity transactions can be done anonymously. However, its eVoucher option offers the most anonymity. You must provide some personal information if using its e-wallet, something not obtainable with eVoucher. 

Can I send money with MiFinity discreetly?

Yes, you can send money with high levels of privacy, particularly with its eVoucher option. You only need your email address to receive the voucher code. However, its e-wallet isn't as private and requires you to set up an account before getting an e-wallet.

What are the best alternatives of MiFinity?

Options like Flexepin, Paysafecard, Astropay, Neosurf, and eVoucher are alternatives to MiFinity. However, eVoucher remains the best alternative to MiFinity as it's more available at merchant sites, and you pay fewer fees.

What is a cheaper alternative of MiFinity?

Mifnity has a fee schedule that lists the costs of deposits, withdrawals and conversions. However, with eVoucher, your only payment is the fulfillment fee. You don't have to worry about converting currency, as most resellers offer it in CAD.

Is there a free service like MiFinity?

There's no free service substitute for MiFinity. eVoucher, a cheaper alternative to MiFinity, also has fulfillment charges you pay to resellers.

Can I pay with MiFinity without an account?

Yes, you can. This, however, depends on which MiFinity service you choose. With its eVoucher, you can use it without an account. Its e-wallet option, however, requires setting up and verifying an account.

Can I send money with MiFinity with no registration?

Yes, you can, but only if you pay with the eVoucher. You must sign up for an account to use its digital wallet.

Can I receive money to MiFinity anonymously?

Yes, you can receive money when you use the MiFinity e-wallet. However, this isn't anonymous, as the money is paid into a registered account.

Do I need to pay to use MiFinity?

Yes. With its online resellers, you must pay commissions when buying eVouchers. Its e-wallet option deposit methods require payment commissions, too. However, how much you pay depends on the option you choose.

How much fees apply to using MiFinity?

MiFinity doesn't charge fees for its eVoucher, but deposit, withdrawal and currency conversion fees are listed on the site. These fees mostly pertain to the e-wallet. Regarding the eVoucher, you begin to forfeit your balance if you fail to use it in 12 months.  

Can I use MiFinity at online casinos?

Yes, MiFinity is accepted at offshore online casinos. It's, however, not very popular with locally licensed online casinos in Canada.

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