CashtoCode eVoucher as an alternative to ecoVoucher

ecoVoucher is a prepaid payment method that enables you to pay online with sharing very little information with merchants. Its e-wallet counterpart EcoPayz or now rebranded to Payz is way more popular, but also more convenient.

Here, we talk about ecoVoucher, how it works, what its limitations are and how it compares with CashtoCodeo eVoucher – and most importantly – if it’s a viable alternative to ecoVoucher.

eVoucher compared to ecoVoucher

When purchasing ecoVoucher prepaid cards from online resellers you need an email address and potentially an account with the reseller. However, the majority of resellers allow customers to make purchases as “guests”. As there’s no specific resellers available, you can get ecoVouchers via cards, e-wallets, online banking and crypto.

DescriptionCashtoCode eVoucherecoVoucher
Type of methodPrepaid voucherPrepaid voucher
Personal informationNoNo
Account requirementNoNo
Fund/purchase methodCards, e-wallets, crypto, online bankingCards, e-wallets, crypto, online banking
Maintenance feesNoNo

In reality, they are one and the same, at least the principle under which they operate. The only big difference is their partner network, meaning where you can use ecoVoucher and CashtoCode eVoucher. EcoPayz has been online for a much longer time and as such has a broader network of clients.

However, if you’re in Canada you are forced to pay for currency conversion fees as the ecoVoucher isn’t available in CAD, but EUR only. CashtoCode eVoucher is available in CAD and nearly 10 other currencies, whereas ecoVoucher is available in three currencies only.

How does ecoVoucher work?

ecoVoucher prioritizes user privacy and doesn't require setting up an account. The only information you're sharing is your email to receive your PIN. There's also an eVoucher validation menu on its website to verify your voucher. Here are some interesting facts about this payment option.

1ecoVoucher is a prepaid voucher for online payment.
2ecoVoucher offers vouchers in EUR, USD and GBP currencies.
3ecoVoucher can only be purchased from online resellers.
4It doesn't offer a withdrawal option.
5You can use your ecoVoucher to fund a Payz wallet
6ecoVoucher charges currency conversion, maintenance and redemption fees.

The ecoVoucher is great for paying online, you can’t receive money. If you need a payment that allows you to receive and keep money, you can checkout Payz. It’s a fully fledged e-wallet service with a different fee structure, an account and a different range of information required.

Voucher expiration period

ecoVoucher is valid for 12 months from the day it was purchased. Once the Use By date passes, a $3.50 fee is deducted every month you fail to use your voucher. These charges are deducted until your voucher is exhausted.

Information required for ecoVoucher transactions

Purchasing ecoVoucher cards requires an email and some sort of payment method, accepted by the online reseller.

When you’re paying at the merchant, all you need to do is provide the 18-character PIN.

Phone numberNo
Card detailsNo
Bank accountNo
KYCOn demand

Since there’s no payment details required by the merchant or the reseller, ecoVoucher is a decent payment method for making discreet online payments. It’s as close as it gets to anonymous payments online.

Can you pay anonymously with ecoVoucher?

Yes, you can as you’re not providing personal or payment information apart from your email to receive the PIN.

When making a purchase, you only have to enter your 18-digit voucher code online. Hence, you can confidently deposit without fear of losing your personal or financial information.


Besides the inactivity charge which triggers after 18 months there’s a currency conversion fee, you are subjected to paying a currency conversion fee.

Currency conversionYes – 2.99%
InactivityYes – $3.50 after 12 months

As it's unavailable in CAD, you must pay a currency conversion fee of 2.99%. There’s also a $10 fee that you pay when you wish to recover your voucher after its expiration date. 

The CashtoCode eVoucher is available in CAD and as such it’s a better option. The fulfillment fee charged by online resellers starts with as little as 4.75%.


You can buy vouchers from as little as $10 to $250 per transaction. However, there’s a $1,000 limit on the worth of ecoVouchers you hold. This is very restrictive if you intend to make large purchases. CashtoCode eVoucher is a better alternative to ecoVocher in this aspect as you can pay up to $1,500 at once.

TransactionsUp to $1,000

As both are prepaid vouchers, you can only use them to complete deposits. There’s no withdrawal option for either eVoucher or ecoVoucher.


Using your ecoVoucher PIN is as secure as paying with cash, as there's no sensitive information you share. You should treat your ecoVoucher code like cash and keep it safe.

Company namePSI-Pay Ltd
Publicly tradedNo
Canada launch2000
Security protocolsKYC, SSL

ecoVoucher uses cutting-edge security methods, including encryption, firewalls and network security software, to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive data. You're, however, responsible for safeguarding your pin. 

Some basic rules of managing your ecoVoucher include never sharing your pin electronically. Also, if the security of your eVoucher is compromised, you can email

Customer support

The customer support option of ecoVoucher is the least anonymous of its features. ecoVoucher has a support page that requires you to fill out a form to send a question or complaint. This requests you to provide your full name, address and mobile number.  

Live chatNo
FAQ support centerNo

Although ecoVoucher doesn't have a live chat or dedicated FAQ, the site provides some necessary information. The site details everything you need to know in different sections, from how to use ecoVoucher to the available resellers in your region. 

ecoVoucher industry portfolio

ecoVoucher is accepted in several industries as a reliable mode of payment. E-shopping, financial services and online gambling are prominent industries where it works. However, it's not very popular at merchant sites as it's not ecoPayz's flagship product.

Software servicesYes

You can also use ecoVoucher to purchase Bitcoin on crypto wallets. It's less developed than CashtoCode eVoucher in this aspect. With eVoucher, you can deal in several crypto coins at


Based on all the information CashtoCode eVoucher is an alternative to ecoVoucher – and a pretty good one indeed. Since with CashtoCode eVoucher you don't have to pay any currency conversion fees, it ends being the better option of the two. The growing partner network of CashtoCode eVoucher is still a small drawback. You will notice that ecoVoucher is more widely accepted in terms of industries. CashtoCode is yet to make its leap into the online retail business.


Can I pay anonymously with ecoVoucher?

While not anonymous, the ecoVoucher online payments are discreet. The merchant gets only the PIN code and any information you’ve provided to the merchant as part of any account registration. Other than that, no information is shared.

What are the best alternatives of ecoVoucher?

Prepaid vouchers all offer different levels of security. However, options like Flexepin, Paysafecard, MiFinity and Astropay are safe alternatives to ecoVoucher. CashtoCode eVoucher is the best alternative to it as it’s available in CAD and saves you costs of paying maintenance or currency conversion fees.

Is there a free service like ecoVoucher?

Prepaid cards don't offer free services. The best you can get is a cost-effective service that reduces your fees.

Can I pay with ecoVoucher without an account?

You don't have to set up an account when making payments. You only need a working email to receive your code from the merchant site that sells your ecoVoucher.

Can I send money with ecoVoucher with no registration?

Yes, you can as ecoVoucher doesn't require any form of registration. Even when purchasing it, you don’t have to register at most online retail vendors before receiving your voucher.

Do I need to pay to use ecoVoucher?

You only pay a commission to resellers when buying the prepaid card at online retailers. You also incur maintenance and redemption fees when your eVoucher surpasses the Use By date. 

How much fees apply to using ecoVoucher?

The amount you pay when purchasing ecoVoucher depends on the reseller. You also pay maintenance and redemption when you don't use your eVoucher in its 12-month validity period. You also pay currency conversion fees worth 2.99% when converting to CAD.

Can I use ecoVoucher at online casinos?

Yes, ecoVoucher is accepted at online offshore casinos but not those operating with domestic licenses. However, it's less popular than other prepaid cards like FlexePIN, Astropay and eVoucher. 

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